High Street Healthy Options – A Review of POD

By Edi Csanalosi, Corporate Nutritionist

After years of working in the City I’m all too familiar with the lunchtime food hunt. Even more so nowadays, when wandering around the cafés and restaurants with nutritionist eyes, it’s no longer just about finding a quick sandwich. I expect so much more: something nourishing and tasty to fuel my busy afternoon.

So let me share with you my findings from one of my favourite lunchspots, POD – I’ve analysed the menu for you and highlighted my ‘nutritionist choices’


Breakfast is such an important meal of the day, choose right and you won’t feel the mid afternoon dip. Here’s some help.


  • Avoid:All hot breakfast sandwiches (sausage or bacon sandwich), bagels and toasts
  • Very sugary and high GI porridge toppings: honey, banana, sultanas
  • Chilled breakfast smoothies – even though the idea is great, none of these have any good protein or fat sources, only carbs (oats and fruit, which can be the cause of blood sugar imbalance and those notorious cravings later in the afternoon)

Go for:

  • If you are sensitive to dairy, porridge made with water and ask for toppings that are good protein, healthy fat and colourful phytonutrient sources: nuts and seeds (sesame, pumpkin, peanut butter, linseeds, blueberries and mangoes)
  • Try the Peanut butter power porridge without honey, Berry boost porridge without agave or Summer glow mango porridge
  • Eggs – ask for them without the slice of brown bread if you are sensitive to gluten, you can always try extra salmon or avocado to fill you up for longer and to avoid cravings and blood sugar dips later. Best options:
  • Salmon & seaweed caviar scrambled eggs
  • Super food scrambled eggs
  • Turkish scrambled eggs
  • If you want an extra immune boost choose either the Super green detox blitz or the Vitamin hit blitz with your eggs (they are not too high in calories but full of nutrients)


POD always have new and exciting seasonal items on their menu – and they use good quality, slow releasing carbs, like quinoa in their tabbouleh, cabbage, beetroot, carrot and amazing colourful veggies in their salads, a mix of wild rice and brown rice if you choose the hot PODs. You can find your no carbs options, protein only options, allergen free and vegan options as well. All salads and hot dishes can be customized by adding extra protein, avocado etc. It’s a very easy place to find delicious and nourishing meals. Only a few things to be mindful of… (as long as you stick with the hot dishes and salads, you can’t go too wrong though)


  • Baguettes and Wraps
  • Shawarma wraps
  • Large pots (unless you’ve earned it with some lunchtime exercise, or choose the skinny version without rice and with the slaw only)

Go for:

  • Nori Wraps: Salmon Nori Wrap, Chicken Nori WrapHot PODs – you can always ask for a Hot Skinny POD and they will serve the hot dishes with slaw only and no rice – especially good idea when hungry and asking for a Large Hot POD.
  • Korean Bibimbap
  • Boost Soups
  • Chicken & avocado box
  • Salmon & avocado box
  • Protein box


  • Lebanese red pepper chicken tabbouleh
  • Pod tabbouleh
  • Slow burner
  • Go green salad with/without chicken
  • Mediterranean tomato, pesto & mozzarella salad with/without chicken
  • Pod slaw & avocado salad
  • Balinese chicken noodle salad
  • Chicken detox box
  • Salmon detox box



  • Muffins, brownies, cakes, chocolate bars or just fruit on its own (or add some protein, like a handful of nuts)

Go for:

Savoury snacks

  • Hummus & sugar snaps
  • Free-range egg pot
  • Edamame beansChicken pot
  • Bombay mix

Sweet snacks

  • Nutty nibble pot
  • Bounce balls
  • Nooki bars
  • Fruit salad with nuts
  • Chia pudding

What I also found super helpful is that their full menu with all the nutritional information, allergens, calories, protein, fat and carb contact are all available online: https://www.pod.co.uk/sites/default/files/SUMMER2_NUTRITION_5.pdf. This makes the choices even easier especially if you’re following a special diet or have food intolerances/allergies.

At SuperWellness we provide workshops and seminars that can help your employees make the best choices and fuel their bodies for improved energy, productivity and overall wellbeing. We focus on practical, easily implemented advice that can make a huge difference and transform unhealthy habits to a new culture of wellbeing. Why not book our ‘Sugar Freedom Plan’ seminar and workshop where we will discuss practical tips and advice for reducing sugar and feeling great. For more information on this seminar and the other services that we offer please get in touch today!

Edi Csanalosi, Associate and Registered Nutritional Therapist

Edi is a naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner running a busy clinic in the City of London. Her mission is to help clients get to the root cause of their health issues. Edi believes in the healing power of food, herbs, thoughts, and deeds. She believes that we have the power within to make decisions, and take actions that will help us to draw forth a life state reflected by the maximum expression of our health, vitality and happiness.

During a 10 year career in banking Edi herself experienced adrenal fatigue and burn out, and so she is well aware of the challenges that come with today’s fast paced city work life.

Passionate about helping city employees in demanding, success-driven roles to perform at their best using natural means Edi takes a holistic approach to help people achieve great work life balance, to become healthy again, and to be and feel their best. Edi is currently studying at the Institute of Functional Medicine to be a fully certified functional medicine practitioner.


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