Nutrition for Dental Practice Staff

We love supporting professionals in different industries as each face their own nutrition challenges, so we were delighted when SimplyHealth asked us to get involved with their Practice Manager Forums this autumn. Busy dental practice staff, many on their feet all day, can struggle to find the time and energy for healthy eating, not to mention making sense of all the sometimes contradictory messages about nutrition. We’re really excited and looking forward to sharing those key insights which we know make such a difference, often with only minimal dietary adjustments.

From September to November, dental practice managers attending the forums across England, Scotland and Ireland, will get to hear about ‘The 7 Nutrition Habits of Highly Effective People’, gaining insights about every day nutrition that can be applied in and outside of work. Our Nutritional Therapist and nutrition lecturer Magdalena Wronska will be presenting ideas on how dental practice teams can gain more energy, clarity and drive through good nutrition. Magdalena will also be facilitating our popular body composition testing sessions where attendees will test their metabolic age, body fat %, visceral fat (fat linked to chronic disease) and muscle mass with professional Tanita scales. At these sessions, attendees will learn how they can improve their metrics through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Practice Managers will be able to benefit from one-on-one mini nutrition consultations at each forum. We look forward to partnering with SimplyHealth to enhance the health and wellbeing of their Practice Managers through good nutrition and lifestyle choices

Places on the SimplyHealth Practice Manager Forums can be booked via this link


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