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Looking after your back when working from home

How to prevent and reduce neck, shoulder and back pain by learning how to set up your home office.

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How to work well at home, prevent and reduce neck, shoulder and back pain by learning how to set up your new home office correctly.

Inspired ErgonomicsPresented by leading ergonomics expert Nichola Adams, founder of Inspired Ergonomics

Who is the back pain prevention workshop for:

Anyone who works from home on a regular basis and wants to learn how to prevent back pain.

What it covers:

How to avoid and prevent back pain while working from home by learning how to set up your home office correctly.

It is essential that we take the time to learn how to set up our home working correctly, to prevent and reduce back issues from occurring. Indeed, it is far easier to deal with early niggles and tension build up than having to rehabilitate a full blown back issue.

This webinar will explore why it is important to look after our backs and educate you on how to be proactive in making small but key adjustments to your home set up, so you can continue to work productively, effectively and above all comfortably.

We will run through easy ways to make key adaptations which will make a huge difference to your long-term back pain prevention and health, both whilst working at home and then taking these lessons back into the offices. The back pain prevention webinar will include:

  • An introduction to Ergonomics
  • Why it is important for long term physical health
  • The cost of back pain to a company in terms of sick leave and loss of productivity and the ROI on ergonomic interventions
  • The types of back conditions that ergonomics can help
  • The importance of posture to prevent back pain
  • How agile working can help
  • How to adapt to working from home
  • How to set up an ideal home office workstation to avoid back pain
  • How to adapt other areas of your house
  • The importance of a quiet space
  • How to deal with distractions (including family) while working from home
  • The importance of taking breaks, for both physical and mental health
  • How to recover from a back injury
  • Further resources to help you
  • Question and answer time.


PLEASE NOTE: this session is available as a standalone booking, and is not included within our package options.

What people say:

“Really informative session. Speaker was knowledgeable and presented at a good pace.”


“Really enjoyed this session so many useful tips that I can take away.”

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