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Preventing Fatigue & Burnout

An eye-opening dive into the way our body produces energy, with practical tips and best practice for those suffering from fatigue and burnout or at the stage of prevention.

Sleep, energy & fatigue

An eye-opening dive into the way our body produces energy, with practical tips and best practice for those suffering from fatigue and dealing with burnout or at the stage of preventing work burnout.

Who it’s for:

Anyone with an interest in preventing fatigue and burnout or recovering from them.

What the work burnout session covers:

The WHO recently defined work burnout as a result of chronic workplace stress, which leads to exhaustion and impacts our engagement and effectiveness at work. In a more general sense, fatigue can have many causes, from long term stress to specific health conditions. In both cases, judicious diet, lifestyle and mindset changes can strongly influence both prevention and outcomes in the long term.

  • What’s the definition of fatigue and work burnout?
  • How to recognise the signs of workplace burnout
  • Let’s look at what’s going on physiologically: how we produce energy
  • What can go wrong? From insulin resistance to hormones, to poor digestion and nutrient deficiencies
  • 10 Practical steps for preventing fatigue and work burnout. These include tests to ask your GP for, rest and pacing, managing chronic stress, knowing whether to exercise or not and how, the role of digestion, specific nutrients and potential supplements to consider.
  • Things to avoid which can worsen fatigue and job burnout
Unique benefits of avoiding burnout:

This session on work burnout will equip your employees with practical insights and tools, with a unique nutritional focus, in preventing fatigue and burnout, two closely connected conditions which are becoming more and more widespread.

Key outcomes:
  • Understanding what fatigue and workplace burnout mean and how to recognise them in ourselves and others
  • Participants will come away with a toolkit of techniques and nutritional measures to help them better deal with long term stress and fatigue to avoid burnout
  • This workshop will open up the conversation around fatigue and burnout as something which is increasingly common and recognised and which can be supported through diet and lifestyle.
What people say:

“The session was a great intro to the burnout subject with on top a few tips to spot burnout, some potential causes and ways to combat these.”


“Great session – always good to remind ourselves of the importance of managing burnout and fatigue particularly when you are busy and stressed.”


“An important topic which is all too often ‘under the radar’ but could do with being talked about more. I found the information very helpful and the advice achievable and inspiring. Thank you”

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