Case Study

Case Study: SuperWellness Challenge

Niki Portman shares his experience of the SuperWellness challenge programme

Case Study: SuperWellness Challenge

SuperWellness Programme Lead Lucille Bleekers interviewed Niki Portman from GPE regarding his experience of the SuperWellness Challenge Programme and how it helped him get his mojo back.

Niki felt like the pandemic had impacted how he felt and he just wasn’t feeling as motivated as he used to. He found the way the programme had been set up was engaging and fun and helped him to get his motivation back – have a watch to find out more, and read further down the page for the key points covered in this interview, including:

  • Getting a motivational boost after all the months of Covid restrictions and the impact on health
  • The one habit that made the greatest difference for him
  • How he felt about the programme and the approach
  • How wellbeing made him feel more connected to colleagues

Some quotes from the interview:

  • “After Covid, all the lockdowns and working from home, I was really struggling to get that momentum going again. I wasn’t feeling myself. This gave me the motivational boost I needed.”


  • “Now I have a good breakfast. I feel like I’ve got more energy and I definitely benefit from more sustained energy instead of dipping as the day goes on.”


  •  “There’s a lot of information out there to read, digest, a lot of it is contradictory, so it’s quite hard to get the right information. One of the great benefits of the programme has been to be able to talk it all through. It’s all about making small changes to make big differences. Just giving us the facts and giving us the choices to make ourselves. It just gives you pause for thought without you having to dictate what to do. It’s very good for you to be able to take it in yourself and take what you want from it. Plus it was fun and engaging!”


  •  “The Whatsapp group was really helpful and it was quite fun being engaged with the other guys as well, getting a bit competitive – everyone was trying to do their best, it does push you along. And the community’s great – everyone was so supportive, it really encouraged you on the right track.”


  • “It’s definitely something I would recommend, and it’s not as frightening as it sounds. The way it’s constructed, it’s very open and easy going.”


  • “I’m actually eating more than I was before, but the right things – I wasn’t actually eating enough, I’m feeling a bit happier, more positive, motivated again to exercise – I was up at 5am this morning just before work – I’m sticking with it! The benefits have been…. Massively better mood, better concentration, better wellbeing.”


  • “How I felt when GPE offered it to us was that they care about our wellbeing, they want us to feel better, they want us to be healthier, and the fact they were willing to invest in us, it’s nice to know that they cared that much. It does have a good impact on how you feel towards the company.”


  • “The good thing about the Whatsapp groups and the group conversations, I engaged with people in the business that I hadn’t normally engaged with in different departments – it opened up avenues to introduce to other people within the organisation, which you don’t normally do. You see people in the office, you might nod and wave but you never have a chance to sit down and have a conversation, so I’ve made more friends within the organisation.”


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