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Mental Health Series: Performance

Tips, techniques and habits to optimise memory, concentration, decision-making and creativity

Mental health
Brain performance webinar

Tips, techniques and habits to optimise memory, concentration, decision-making and creativity

Who it’s for:

Anyone who wishes to cultivate lifelong cognitive performance, particularly in the face of stress, adversity and change.

What it covers:

Do you ever wonder if your brain is working at its optimal capacity? What if there was a way to unlock hidden potential and enhance focus, memory, learning, decision-making and creativity?

Neuroscience is uncovering the extent to which our brain is ‘plastic’ or capable of constantly rewiring itself in response to our environment. How can we tap into what we know so far in order to unlock greater brain power and potential? This workshop looks at the key facts around cognitive performance and translates them into practical tips, techniques and habits.

  • A quick brain quiz to warm up our neurons
  • Key facts about brain performance
  • Brain plasticity and the 12 factors that influence it, from our environment to our activity choices
  • A closer look at 4 of these factors:
    • Your brain on exercise
    • Benefits of a well-fuelled brain, including the latest findings on intermittent fasting
    • Why organisations like Apple, Google and Nike provide regular mindfulness practice for their employees – we look at the hard science facts and practice a guided technique
    • Breathing practices for stressful situations and long-term cognitive changes
  • Putting it all into practice: designing your personal brain performance plan
Unique benefits:

This is a unique combination of techniques for optimising mental performance, providing a highly practical toolkit for self-development.

What people say:

“Very interesting. Has helped me to try to stop multitasking & just focus on one thing at a time.”


“Very good. I enjoyed it; particularly about how different parts of the brain work and how they are affected.”

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Who will be presenting the workshops?

Our workshops are facilitated by qualified nutritionists registered with a professional body such as BANT, CNHC or AfN. Our facilitators have extensive experience of the workplace environment and take a practical, down to earth approach designed to inspire and motivate a corporate audience.

Will the workshop be tailored to our organization?

We work very closely with each of our clients to understand their work culture and objectives. As part of the booking process, we will complete a facilitator brief to include any background information needed to make the content relevant to participants.

What is the booking process?

After we’ve agreed on your choice of workshops and dates, we will send you a booking confirmation. You’ll then receive your promotional email template and online booking facility to help you drive sign-ups. We’ll work closely with you to build engagement and maximise attendance on the day.

What happens after the session?

We will gather feedback from attendees at the end of the session and send you a report. Sessions are followed by additional resources sent by email, including recipes and posters.

How is Body Composition Testing Carried Out?
  • Drop-in session, from 5mins to longer individual consultations (on-site)
  • 30-minute group coaching & Q&A (tests performed in confidence) (on-site)

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