Julie Weston

Associate and Registered Nutritional Therapist

Julie delivers SuperWellness’s corporate nutrition programmes on the South Coast of England. She has worked with Zurich, AXA Investment Managers, Stafford Hotel and P&O Ferries.

Her super power lies in being able to reach people without making them feel judged or self-conscious. She says: “As an NT you have the ability to make friends and family shudder at the thought of inviting you to dinner or sharing a meal out. ‘Arg! What will I eat in front of Julie that looks healthy’ or ‘Damn! I can’t order those chips I wanted’, I’m sure are just a couple of the myriad of thoughts that have passed through people’s minds!

One of my strengths throughout life is to be non-judgmental so it didn’t take long for people to order whatever they liked, including the chips (which was often to share!). And I now rarely see that look of panic on anyone’s face!

But what I’ve realised recently is subliminally my message has reached many friends, family and colleagues and they are all feeling better for it and quietly asking for more tips and ideas. You see food has such powerful connotations for individuals that they have to make the decision to change without feeling they are being preached, lectured or forced into it.”

Julie feels passionately about enhancing employee wellbeing through her work with SuperWellness. It’s an opportunity to make a difference at a fundamental level, at the place where we eat the majority of our meals: work.

She says: “I love the practical side of my role; sharing food at a touch and taste session, discussing options for breakfast to an employee that works shifts and creating dinner suggestions for a working parent that has a family to feed in 30 minutes.”

Julie enjoys enabling employees to recognise the advantages of healthy eating for them and providing practical steps to make it happen. Body composition testing is not offered without providing valuable advice about the results. Seminars are not conducted without ample time for questions and answers, not only after but also during the session. Plus it is essential that employees are engaged after the team has left the building, with seasonal foodie posters and calendars and even a SuperWellness App with gamification to keep them motivated.

As well as her work with SuperWellness, Julie is highly experienced in working with breast cancer patients, helping them to optimise their diet before, during and after treatment.

She regularly presents workshops and seminars at the Breast Cancer Haven, Wessex as well as running her busy clinic in Fareham.


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