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We take a look at the science behind detoxification and the hype-free approaches which really do work.


We take a look at the science behind a health detox and the hype-free approaches which really do work.

Who is the body detox workshop for:

The body detox workshop is designed for anyone with an interest in improving their health and energy levels or looking to break habits relating to smoking, alcohol, or other addictive substances for a healthier body.

What it covers:

Health detox diets have been the subject of much hype, not to mention the marketing of products promising miracle results. This session looks at the science behind a body detox and the hype-free approaches which really do work. Many of us experience unexplained symptoms, sometimes chronically. Feeling sluggish, struggling to lose weight, aches and pains. The missing link could be the chemicals in our environment and food chain. Smoking, alcohol, caffeine, pesticides, preservatives, synthetic compounds found in cosmetics and body care products – the list is extensive.

If the body is not processing fast enough the toxic burden it’s exposed to every day, it might be resulting in body fat which never seems to shift no matter what we do. It could be a reason behind pain, headaches, bad skin, poor digestion, a weakened immune system, and fatigue or burnout.

Unique benefits:

A science-based take on the best way to perform a ‘body detox’ without the hype!

Key outcomes of the health detox workshop:

Participants will be given practical steps to reduce exposure to unwanted chemicals in a sensible way. Increased awareness may lead to a new resolve in regards to habits such as smoking or simply washing pesticides from the fruit and vegetables they buy.

Many have left this session with a strengthened resolve to prioritise their health. Your team will thank you for running this workshop, whether it sets them on the road to practising small habits every day or deciding to embark on an effective detox programme to kick start a new healthy chapter following a body detox.

What people say:

“This has made me much more aware of the things I ingest or put on my skin on a daily basis – a very useful eye opener!”


“Really informative, lots of new learnings and motivation to make changes.”


“Very helpful and thought provoking.”

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