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Food for the Mind

Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies to Boost Mental Wellbeing, Performance and Stress Resilience.

Mental wellbeing

Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies to Boost Mental Wellbeing, Performance, Concentration, and Stress Relief.

Who it’s for:

If you ever struggle with anxiety, low mood, or stress, nutrition-centered wellbeing offers a practical angle which can help you feel empowered to take action through understanding what food you need for the brain.

What our food for the brain covers:

By making good food choices, it’s possible to influence brain chemistry to feel great every day. In this high energy, engaging and eye opening workshop we’ll provide a refreshing new toolkit for those looking for solutions.

  • Get to know your brain, what it’s made of and how it’s fuelled
  • Discover the powerful connection between brain and digestion and why ‘gut feeling’ is more than just an expression
  • Identify which of the four mind-melters could be impacting your mood and brain performance
  • Get a grasp of the key brain-boosting nutrients to include daily, from Magnesium to Zinc
  • Tips for increasing the ‘feel-good’ hormone serotonin and the key role of exercise
  • Experience a fun zinc taste test (on-site workshops only)
Unique benefits:

This food for the brain workshop provides a fresh angle on mental health, offering practical steps which help people feel empowered to take positive action. The zinc taste test makes this session highly interactive and memorable.

Key outcomes:

Participants will leave with a simple, hassle free meal plan and habits to integrate into their every day routine.

What people say:

“Fundamentally it has changed my life! Speaking as an old cynic, I didn’t put much faith in dietary advice as it is often contradictory and unrealistic, but the session has turned me into a believer. I am at the start of my new dietary regime but already I am feeling enlivened and ready to take on the World! If you haven’t seen the presentation, I would highly recommend you do so.”


“A really well delivered webinar, lots of information. The presenter was really engaging. I found the information very interesting and will be looking at all the resources provided. Thank you!”

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