Get free health and wellbeing
posters and resources for work

Share workplace wellbeing resources with employees
and colleagues through internal newsletters and physical notice boards

81% of HR leaders have increased their wellbeing focus following the pandemic.

Whether you’re in human resources, occupational health or health and safety, the SuperWellness Wellbeing Toolkit is a ready-made pack of our favourite and most popular resources.

With high-quality infographic wellbeing posters, a wellbeing calendar with seasonal recipes, and new posters on a monthly basis, it’s the quickest, easiest way to get started.


What’s in the toolkit?

The SuperWellness
Wellbeing Calendar

A useful overview of key health campaign dates, with seasonal recipes to help your employees eat healthily all year long.

Free monthly updates

Monthly wellbeing posters targeted to national health campaigns and seasons. All delivered in high resolution PDF formats – ideal for printing or sharing in your company emails and newsletters.

Really useful with some
handy tips to plan a healthy diet.

Carey Smith,
The Caravan Club



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