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Getting Started as a Wellbeing Champion

An introduction to the role of wellbeing champion, and some of the key skills involved.

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Wellbeing champions play a pivotal role in ensuring your wellbeing programme achieves positive results. They bridge the gap between your wellbeing team and your workforce, and with the right support and training, will significantly enhance engagement and ultimately the success of your wellbeing strategy.

The challenge? These often passionate volunteers from different backgrounds generally have no formal training in wellbeing or understanding of what the role involves. This session is designed to provide an introductory overview of the role, what it entails, and its significance for colleagues and the organisation.

This introductory session will provide an overview of key areas for champions to be aware of, which would be helpful as part of your wellbeing champion recruitment process to help individuals understand whether the role is for them, at the start of the wellbeing champion journey, or as a refresher if you are looking to re-energise your wellbeing champion programme.

If you are looking to build on the introductory sessions, you may also be interested in our 3-hour Wellbeing Champion Foundation Training course and our year-round SuperChamps programme of CPD accredited sessions.

What the session covers:
  • An introduction to workplace wellbeing and why it is important
  • The role of the wellbeing champion – what it includes and importantly, what it doesn’t include
  • Introducing 5 key wellbeing champion skills:
  • Health Promotion & Engagement: learning about the value of lifestyle recommendations to prevent poor health and disease. Best practice approaches to promoting ongoing wellbeing activities and maximising engagement with live events and fully utilising tools available
  • Supporting colleagues around mental health: looking at factors that can impact mental health, how to spot signs and support those who may be struggling
  • Skilled conversations & communication that promote psychological safety: an overview of tools required for skilled conversations such as active listening, open questions, empathy and compassion
  • Motivating colleagues and an introduction to the psychology of change
  • Influencing different levels of the organisation: who do you need to get on board to help make your role a success?
  • Action planning: Discussing upcoming programme topics and guiding your wellbeing champions to get clarity on their next steps

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