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Good Gut Health

We look at practical ways that digestive problems can be improved using specific nutrition and lifestyle measures.

Prevention of ill-health

We look at practical ways to have good gut health using specific nutrition and healthy eating lifestyle measures.

Who this good gut health workshop is for:


What it covers:

Have you ever wondered what the term good ‘gut health’ actually means? Many of us are now familiar with the idea that supporting our digestive health is essential to overall health but how do we know if we need to support our gut and where do we start without falling for marketing and media tricks? This good gut health session aims to bring you up to speed with the latest science on our gut microbiota, provide an insight into signs and symptoms that may indicate gut issues and of course provide lots of tips on how to improve digestive health.

We take a look at:
  • The gut microbiota – its role in supporting good gut health including immune system regulation, mental health exploring the gut-brain connection and even helping to regulate appetite.
  • How to notice when things aren’t right – a brief overview of some key digestive issues from bloating to heartburn
  • What causes digestive problems – a surprising number of areas can influence our gut health from food intolerances to processed foods to stress
  • 5 Key Nutritional Tips for good gut health – science has highlighted key areas that we can all focus on to improve the health of our gut. We highlight 5 essential recommendations such as increasing the variety of our plant based foods, minimising high sugar foods and including fermented foods in our daily diets.
What people say:

“I learnt a lot from this brilliant session – thank you!”


“The session was very well delivered. I got useful information and tips to improve my gut health.”

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