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Client Success: Story Ground Transportation Systems (GTS) – Thales Group

Discover the inspiring success story of GTS Social Value & EDI Manager Eleanor Wase from Thales Group as a Wellbeing Champion.

Client Success: Story Ground Transportation Systems (GTS) – Thales Group

We are delighted to share with you, one of our SuperChamps success stories with wellbeing champion and GTS Social Value & EDI Manager Eleanor Wase from Thales Group. Check out her journey as a wellbeing leader.



What motivated you to become a Wellbeing Champion?

So, what’s made it so easy for me to be a Wellbeing Champion is that I think wellbeing is such an important topic, so lots of different things fall into it, both from a physical and mental health perspective. And I think I feel passionate about helping others along the way, basically just sharing knowledge, so that’s exactly what I do.


How has your experience been as a SuperChamp?

My experience with being a SuperChamp for SuperWellness has been really positive. I’ve really, really enjoyed it and learned a lot along the way. So, whilst wellbeing is part of my role, I’ve learned lots of new things about things that I don’t necessarily experience as well, so that’s been really positive. And I think ultimately, it’s been really positive to be able to see the impact you can have on people with sharing resources and the toolkits and that sort of thing.


How was SuperChamps help you in your role as a Wellbeing Champion?

So, SuperChamps has helped me within my role as a Wellbeing Champion because, in many ways, because wellbeing forms quite a core pillar of one of my roles as a Social Value and EDI Manager at GTS. Essentially what we’ve had to do is we’ve broadened out the stuff that SuperWellness and the SuperChamps Programme has given us to make it applicable to everybody at GTS. We’ve got such a wide variety of colleagues, whether it be night workers, day workers, office workers or trackside workers as well. So, the SuperChamps Programme and the resources that SuperWellness provide have been able to, have been really good in terms of catering it for specific wellbeing needs for each of our employees.


How have you used the toolkits and training from SuperChamps?

So, monthly the toolkits come in and we share them with different people across different sites at GTS and then they’re able to then share them and cascade the information out for the people that are based on those sites. So yeah, the toolkits have definitely been really worthwhile and they’re really colourful, engaging as well to look at, which always really helps.

Another thing that’s been really popular is the recipes as well. People really like to take home paper versions of them to then share with their families as well. Because they’ve got the reassurance that it is a really healthy recipe and it’s so simple to follow, it’s been really good. I think people have really enjoyed engaging with those.


What feedback have you received from your organisation since starting with SuperWellness?

So, in terms of feedback, we gather feedback after every session we do, whether that be just sharing resources, but also the webinars and the body composition tests that we do. They’ve all been really, really positive.

95% of people that have done the body composition testing said that they want to redo the test, which is really good because it means that we can keep a regular drumbeat at that and have people able to track their own progress and it not be anything to do with us, it’s an individual journey and the body composition tests facilitate that.

And also, within the wellbeing webinars we’ve had, we’ve picked such a broad range of topics that we’ve had feedback every session that’s been really really positive. I don’t think we’ve actually received anything lower than an 8 out of 10 for the webinars which is really good and also, I think those webinars, the last 10 minutes and having that Q&A really allows people to just give feedback verbally as well at the end, which has been really positive.

We’ve seen over 50 attendees on each of the webinars that we’ve done, and we’ve also recorded them and had people listen back as well, which gives people the time to digest the information in their own way. So yeah, all really positive.


How has your team worked with SuperWellness to support employee wellbeing?

So, other members that have been involved from GTS that have engaged with SuperWellness, kind of a broad range of people, because I sit within the Health, Safety & Environment team, I’ve got a lot of people that focus on wellbeing as part of their role, and that can be down to project specific as well.

So, it’s been really positive to have the whole team engage with SuperWellness and engage with Frida to really understand different elements of what SuperWellness can offer and then how that can then be adapted to the specific projects they’re on.

And that goes from just the UK level to the global level as well. So, Sarah, our Global Director, she’s been engaging with SuperWellness on wellbeing topics that can be kind of universal across the board. And that’s been really fascinating as well because the UK I think are arguably slightly further ahead with the wellbeing agenda, so it’s been really good to be able to kind of use the UK as a pilot to then share out with the rest of the global business units that we’ve got. So yeah, really really enjoyed that part of it as well.

About the Author

As the Creative Manager for SuperChamps, Ellie is committed to expanding and enhancing the SuperChamps programme while also crafting captivating social and marketing content to promote the message of SuperWellness. During her free time, Ellie engages in various roles as a Personal Trainer, Dance Teacher, and Massage Therapist, demonstrating her passion and dedication to supporting clients in achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

View Ellie’s LinkedIn profile.


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