Build mental and physical resilience through supporting staff wellbeing in your organisation

Promote lasting change that benefits staff wellbeing

Focus on prevention

The CIPD recently reported that almost half of employees say their physical and mental health are both worse as a result of the pandemic. At the same time, a large survey by Public Health England has found that an unprecedented 8 in 10 adults are motivated to get healthier.

There is a huge opportunity to make a difference to staff health and wellbeing by supporting long-term lifestyle change, leading to improved physical and mental health and resilience.

Diet and lifestyle play an essential part in prevention, however making changes isn’t always easy. Our lifestyle change programmes have been proven to achieve measurable results, across a wide range of areas, from healthy habits (such as reaching the ‘5 a day or more’ recommendation, reducing unhealthy snacking) to employee happiness, engagement and turnover.

Both formats have been tried-and-tested extensively to work both in-person or online (with specific adaptations made to maximise engagement in each case).

Metabolic kickstart programme

6-week Metabolick Kick-start! Staff Wellbeing Programme

A popular programme designed to boost mood, energy and natural fat burning – the smart way.

  • A perfect way to get on track with healthy habits, in just one hour a week
  • Engaging and science-based educational content
  • Team coaching & goal setting
  • Friendly competition, ongoing support & prizes
  • Results measurement
SuperWellness Challenge

The SuperWellness Challenge

Our tried-and-tested format for staff wellbeing and engagement, implemented successfully across industries such as transport, construction, hospitality, leisure, and media.

  • A comprehensive programme based on behaviour change science
  • Extensively tailored to fit different work environments, from field- to office-based
  • Proven to create a buzz and overcome barriers to wellbeing engagement 

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