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Employees’ safety

As workplaces continue to face changing restrictions, employers are investing extensively in adapting work practices and physical measures to maximise the safety of employees.

What can you do to not only support your employees’ safety, but also boost physical and mental resilience and create the conditions for them to thrive through uncertain times?

Based on what we’ve learnt since the Covid-19 pandemic began, there are also significant risk factors aside from our environment. A key consideration is an individual’s general health, especially relating to their diet and lifestyle, and the huge impact it has on physical and mental resilience and ultimately, on Covid-19 outcomes. The top four factors proven to impact these are:

  • Metabolic health: having a BMI over 30 doubles the risk of hospitalisation for Covid-19.
  • Our immune response: adequate Vitamin D levels may halve mortality rates. Inflammation is a also a key factor in severity of symptoms.
  • Mental health: Covid has had a devastating impact on many employees, creating a need for additional support.
  • Sleep: factors such as anxiety and reduced sunlight exposure when working from home are resulting in reported ‘Covid-somnia’, which in turn undermines metabolic, immune and mental health.

The good news is that these risk factors can be addressed effectively through diet and lifestyle change. Conditioning is something you do in preparation for a sports challenge or for surgery, to increase the chances of a good outcome. These times call for a new type of conditioning: using diet and lifestyle to optimise our health resilience in a proactive way, increasing protection for ourselves and our employees.

Programme structure

This programme is based on the key elements of our tried-and-tested SuperWellness Challenge programme, which has delivered measurable results across industries for the past 6 years:

  • Engaging and science-based educational content (see details below)
  • Team coaching & goal setting (through group coaching sessions, detailed below)
  • Friendly competition, ongoing support & prizes (prizes are sent to winners’ home address)
  • Results measurement (we use a standardized Public Health England health & wellbeing questionnaire with additional diet-related questions)

Content overview

The programme includes 5 key topics:

  • Discovery session and insights gathering: Foundations of positive nutrition and lifestyle habits to influence both physical and mental health.
  • Metabolic conditioning: how to boost our metabolism to support our health and immunity, including practical meal planning and exercise goals.
  • Immune conditioning: how our immune system works, the key nutrients, herbs and foods that support it, the role of gut health and other influences.
  • Mental conditioning: how stress and mental wellbeing influence our general resilience, what are the feel-good foods to include.
  • Recovery and sleep: why sleep and rest are important and key nutrition and lifestyle habits to practise.

In addition to the education programme, we also offer interactive group coaching sessions and online competitions to support and motivate participants throughout the programme.

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