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The SuperWellness Challenge is a lifestyle behaviour change programme which delivers measurable results. Its effectiveness has been proven many times over in the past six years, with programmes run both on-site and since lockdown, it has been delivered very successfully online too. It’s a 3-month wellbeing programme designed to support long-term lifestyle change and deliver quantified benefits based on:

  • biometric data
  • standardised health & wellbeing questionnaires
  • employer measures such as sickness absence.

This tried-and-tested format is tailored to each work environment and has been implemented successfully across industries such as transport, construction, hospitality, leisure and media.

1. Wellbeing Survey & Audit

Before starting the SuperWellness Challenge, we carry out research. This helps us shape a programme with higher engagement levels and the best possible results.

We study the work environment in order to adapt the structure of the programme where needed. For example, a manufacturing setting will require a different approach from an office environment.  We work with you to set objectives for the programme, and where relevant establish a relationship with your catering provider.

An employee health & wellbeing survey will determine:

  • Key areas of health concern
  • Barriers to behaviour change (e.g. business travel)
  • Current lifestyle, nutrition and exercise habits
  • Interest in participating and preferences in terms of approach

2. Discovery Session

This introductory session provides participants with some foundational knowledge and ready-to-implement tips to start feeling benefits straight away. This session is an ideal taster and opportunity to introduce participants to the SuperWellness Challenge programme and offer them the chance to apply. We manage the application process and initial data gathering and provide you with a report to help us shape the next steps with you.

3. The SuperWellness Challenge

Based on the research and feedback from the awareness month, the SuperWellness Challenge is tailored to your workplace. Its aim is to bring about lasting behaviour change and ongoing results for participants.

The programme’s success is due to a blended approach suitable for a range of learning styles:

  • Measurement of body composition statistics
  • Group coaching & peer support
  • SMART goals and accountability
  • Fun, gamification and quizzes
  • Up-to-date evidence-based health & nutrition knowledge

4. Measurement & Reporting

We measure participants’ results, physiologically as well as through standardised questionnaires. This allows us to determine outcomes across a range of measures:

  • Weight, BMI and body composition
  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • Motivation & engagement
  • Relationship with food
  • Physical health, including digestion, hormones, sleep, energy

We gather feedback on the programme and produce individual mini case studies for you to further promote the success of the initiative.

5. Maintenance Programme

The SuperWellness Challenge will create a buzz across your organisation and is an ideal launchpad for your long term wellbeing strategy.

Participants are generally keen to keep up the momentum created during the programme. The challenge also triggers a ‘ripple effect’: it increases awareness beyond participants and creates an interest and enthusiasm for lifestyle change among the wider workforce.

We work with you to design an ongoing programme to maintain motivation and further promote a culture of wellbeing across your organisation.

The SuperWellness Challenge in the Press

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