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Effective workplace health promotion is core to our approach at SuperWellness, since our ethos is centred on prevention and empowering employees with the knowledge, tools and support to improve their health and perform at their best.

The purpose of workplace health promotion is to enable employees to increase control over all aspects of their health and benefit from improved health and wellbeing as a result. We believe strongly that each individual benefits from taking responsibility for positive health and wellbeing, with the support of their employer.

As a key component of an effective wellbeing strategy, workplace health promotion fits alongside other interventions, both preventive (e.g. addressing root causes of stress in the workplace) and remedial (interventions designed to support employees in a crisis, such as an Employee Assistance Programme or Mental Health First Aid). We partner with employers to:

  • Create the right environment to promote health and wellbeing
  • Equip employees with lifelong knowledge to support good health
  • Provide support and coaching to embrace healthy lifestyle habits, however small
  • Offer fresh, eye-opening and inspiring content and resources to engage employees
Strategic Approach to Wellbeing

We believe strongly that to be effective, workplace health promotion must be engaging, practical and acknowledge the reality of day-to-day life. It should avoid being preachy or judgemental in any way. Our aim is to build genuine engagement, which means that employees enjoy participating and come away feeling informed and motivated.

We recognise that employees have a range of diverse needs. Those who work offline require a very different approach to those working in an office environment. Shift workers have different requirements to those who work 9-5. Therefore we offer multiple approaches to health promotion, from webinars and workshops, both online and in-person, to transformative long-term programmes, all tailored to your workplace.

Wellbeing Webinars and Workshops

Our wellbeing webinars cover a broad range of topics, from nutrition and sleep to physical and mental wellbeing. Choose your own wellbeing workshops, webinars, and events from our comprehensive collection. Every wellbeing workshop and webinar includes:

  • One-hour live session with a subject matter expert which typically comprises 50 minutes of content followed by Q&A
  • Promotional support – email invitation, booking page, posters
  • Follow-up resources including recipes, handouts and a recipe booklet
  • Mini feedback survey (including topics of interest)
  • Session recording

Wellbeing Champions Programmes

Our Wellbeing Champion Programmes are designed to help you develop, train, and empower your network of wellbeing champions. But what are Wellbeing Champions? Wellbeing Champions play a pivotal role in ensuring your wellbeing programme achieves positive results. They bridge the gap between your wellbeing team and your workforce, in particular when they are distributed across locations, or representing diverse groups (e.g., field-based vs office-based employees).

Onsite Wellbeing Services

Tailored in-person experiences designed to promote overall wellbeing across your organisation. Nothing quite matches the impact of connecting with people in person when it comes to employee wellbeing. Onsite wellbeing activities help to create a buzz and energise your team, and are particularly effective for:

  • Engaging hard-to-reach employees who are unlikely to log into an app or attend a webinar
  • Strengthening bonds within a hybrid working team
  • Ensuring staff benefit from a varied and stimulating range of wellbeing initiatives

Lifestyle Change Programmes

Build mental and physical resilience through promoting lasting change that benefits staff wellbeing staff wellbeing in your organisation.

  • 6-week Metabolick Kick-start! Staff Wellbeing Programme: A popular programme designed to boost mood, energy and natural fat burning – the smart way.
  • The SuperWellness Challenge: Our tried-and-tested format for staff wellbeing and engagement, implemented successfully across industries such as transport, construction, hospitality, leisure, and media.

Content Subscription

Make health and wellbeing part of your organisation with our wellbeing newsletter and communications

  • The Monthly Wellbeing Newsletter Subscription: Promote wellbeing and healthy lifestyle approaches to your employees regularly with our wellbeing newsletter. Aligned with global and national health campaigns, our newsletter delivers valuable insights and tips to foster a healthier workplace culture.
  • Our Wellbeing Newsletter Topics: Discover our planned monthly topics for this year and the next. Each topic is specifically chosen to address key aspects health and overall wellbeing, ensuring your employees stay informed and engaged in their journey with us. Our topics range from physical fitness to emotional and mental wellbeing, to nutrition and lifestyle topics, and life stages. We also delve into specific health issues that impact daily life, offering insights and strategies to manage conditions effectively.

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