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Understand the science of ageing and gain practical advice for a vibrant later life.

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Across the globe people are living longer, and in turn the proportion of older workers is increasing. By embracing healthier lives, this ageing population can contribute significantly to the global economy. In turn older adults benefit from continued working, enjoying the health and financial benefits that it brings.

However, it’s no secret that there are many challenges when it comes to healthy ageing. Remaining vibrant and productive can be more difficult due to the natural ageing process which affects energy levels, cognitive function, disease risk and structural functioning, such as joints, skin, eyesight & hearing decline. Our Healthy Ageing session aims to explore key areas impacted by the ageing process and provide a wide range of tools to tackle its effects.

What the ‘Healthy Ageing’ workshop covers:
  • The physiology of ageing – we touch on current research identifying ‘Nine Hallmarks of Ageing’ such as DNA damage. Participants will gain insights into fascinating concepts at the cutting edge of science such as telomere attrition and mitochondrial dysfunction, to better understand what happens in the body when we age.
  • We show how these hallmarks of ageing affect our body systems such as the brain, energy & resilience, structural and the increasing risk of disease.
  • Primary health issues: from heart disease to sarcopenia – the loss of muscle mass and strength as we age – we examine how our health is impacted by age and about the key areas to focus on in preventing and addressing problems.
  • Action plan: Our 8-point plan highlights a wealth of ideas to embrace now to support health as we age, across aspects such as nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing.
  • In the workplace – we finish by highlighting key ways mature employees can be supported in the workplace, from better awareness to practical measures taken by employers and managers

This workshop will provide practical strategies for employers and managers to foster a workplace culture that values and enhances the contributions of a mature workforce, supporting mature employees in the process.

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