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Get inspired to prepare simple and delicious recipes packed with feel-good ingredients at home. Learn about the benefits of different ingredients.

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Our live healthy cooking demonstrations will inspire you to prepare simple and delicious recipes packed with feel-good ingredients. Learn about the benefits of different ingredients and practical ideas to make home-cooked food hassle-free.

We know that finding the time for food preparation can sometimes feel a challenge in our busy lives. It’s also very easy to get ‘stuck in a rut’ with the food we eat, day in, day out. Our healthy cooking classes are designed to provide a dose of inspiration for healthy eating habits, as well as demonstrating that food preparation doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Our healthy cooking classes are tailored to your organisation, meaning that you’ll be able to choose the focus of each session (e.g. breakfast ideas, healthy lunchboxes, batch cooking, evening meals). We’ll also offer you a selection of recipes to choose from, hand-picked by our expert facilitator, who as well as being a qualified nutritional therapist, is also a trained chef.

Who is the healthy cooking workshop for:

Anyone who feels they could do with some inspiration to get on track or back on track with cooking healthy and tasty meals at home. You don’t need any cooking experience to join, the classes are suitable for all levels.

Unique benefits

Healthy cooking can feel like a tall order when time and the mind space to think about recipes and ideas, are limited. Attending this session will show you (or remind you) that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, and seeing the beautiful, colourful dishes come together in the space of a single session will tempt your taste buds to try them at home.

Key outcomes:
  • Feel inspired to adopt new healthy food ideas in a way that’s practical and achievable
  • Receive simple and delicious healthy recipe handouts to try by yourself
  • Discover new ingredients, how to use them and plenty of suggestions for substitutes where required
What people say:


“Really enjoyed the webinar and learning the nutritional values of the ingredients as well as how to cook them. Impressed with 2 dishes being ready within the hour.”


“Very engaging host who shared great knowledge on why certain foods were good for you. Interesting to see food being cooked in real time and inspired me to try new foods, such as miso paste.”


“Really nice to watch, all well explained and shown, both the cooking and the health benefits. Good to have a “sociable session with colleagues” even if watching from home.”

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