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Healthy Eating on a Budget

Eating for less doesn’t have to be dull, uninspiring or unhealthy. We share tips on smart ways to plan, shop and cook on a budget.

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Hints and Tips for Eating Well for Less

The rising cost of living means we are all looking to save money and food is a major part of our budget. This also means it’s a significant opportunity to make savings and get as much value as possible out of our weekly shop. This positive and interactive workshop leaves no stone unturned, inspiring attendees to try new approaches to meal planning, ingredient choices and food preparation. Our message is that eating on a budget doesn’t have to mean dull, repetitive or unhealthy meals. On the contrary with some ideas, creativity and smart planning, anyone can eat well while saving money.

Who it’s for 

Anyone who is looking to find ways to continue to eat healthily while also reducing their food bill. 

What it covers 

This session explores how we can eat a healthy, varied diet whilst keeping costs down:

  • Why is it important to budget when it comes to food?
  • What we mean by healthy eating and why it’s possible on a budget
  • Pitfalls to avoid, which drive up the cost of our weekly spend on food and drink 
  • How to plan meals for maximal yield and minimal waste 
  • What to look out for when food shopping
  • Kitchen hacks to make your food go further and to reduce food waste 

Participants will get to take away a practical budget planner, which they can use to review their current spending, identify ways to cut costs and calculate how much they can save over the course of a year.  

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Healthy eating on a budget

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