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Immune Boost

An action plan for boosting the body’s natural defenses against illness, from immune boosting nutrients to exercise and other lifestyle practices.

Prevention of ill-health
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An action plan for boosting the body’s natural defenses against illness, from immune boosting nutrients to exercise and other lifestyle practices.

Who it’s for:

Anyone who wants to strengthen their body’s natural immune system and resistance to bugs and illnesses.

What it covers:

Winter is a challenging season for health and wellbeing at the best of times. With the emergence of new bacterial and viruses such as Covid-19 and the threat of other yet unknown strains, strengthening our natural defenses is becoming more important than ever.

According to Harvard Health, our lifestyle choices are our first line of defense. We share insights into our immune system and alongside the recommendations to avoid the spread of infection, we look at:

  • What is the immune system and why do we need it?
  • Innate vs adaptive immunity – what is the difference and why do you feel so horrible when your immune system is “working”?
  • Nutrition and immunity – foods, herbs and nutrients to know about
    • Zinc, which is a mineral good for everything
    • Vitamin C – will lemon tea make me feel any better?
    • Vitamin D – test yourself
    • Beta-glucans – “magic” mushrooms?
    • Elderberry and Echinacea – best at cold prevention?
    • Ginger, garlic and honey – did grandma know best? 
  • Sleep – how a lack of sleep affects your ability to fight infection
  • To exercise or not to exercise when you are unwell?
Unique benefits:

Help your employees feel empowered, not powerless, to do whatever they can to strengthen their body’s natural defences. Optimising our health naturally can improve our chances of prevention as well as faster recovery from bugs and illnesses.

Key outcomes:

Participants will gain an understanding for how our immune system works and take away practical steps to implement throughout the year to benefit their immune system and general health.

What people say:

“It surprised me how little I actually knew about how what could affect my immune system. Thank you, it has given me some food for thought.”


“Great content – well delivered by a very knowledgeable presenter.”


“The session was so informative, a little bit of background about how our immune system works and then information on all the vitamins and minerals to help try and improve our immune system. Although the session was seminar based, it was lovely to be able to use the chat facility on zoom and ask questions. It felt like we were all the same room really!”

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