Boost your Energy!

Boost your Energy!

Do you wake up feeling drained or get hit by performance-sapping energy lows at certain points of the day? There are strategies you can learn to boost your energy levels naturally.

Nutrition & healthy metabolism

Do you wake up feeling drained or get hit by performance-sapping energy lows at certain points of the day? There are strategies you can learn to increase your mental and physical energy levels naturally.

Who it’s for:

Anyone who struggles with their energy levels throughout the day. If you feel tired when you wake up, or suffer from energy slumps mid-morning or mid-afternoon, this workshop on how to increase energy levels is for you.

What the boost your energy workshop covers:

In this refreshing workshop on energy levels, we share some practical insights to take you from worn out to vibrant:

  • Discover how typical daily habits leave your energy stores depleted
  • Do a personal energy audit to uncover your energy zappers and the effect they’re having on your health
  • Learn how to balance blood sugar levels to promote overall wellbeing
  • Understand energy supporting nutrients critical to improve metabolism, control appetite and burn fat
Unique benefits:

The format of this workshop appeals to many due to its practical and positive approach to nutrition and how it can be put to use to boost energy levels.

Key outcomes:

Participants leave with a clear sense of the connection between what they eat and drink and the feeling of energy and vitality. They will feel equipped to make small adjustments that will make a big difference day to day. 

What people say about our boost your energy levels workshop:

“After this session, I feel inspired to make changes to my daily habits to get more energy – thank you!”


“Interactive, made you really think about personal lives, really beneficial session about well needed energy boosting!”


“Good review of a broad range of items with small daily achievable changes recommended.”

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Who will be presenting the workshops?

Our workshops are facilitated by qualified nutritionists registered with a professional body such as BANT, CNHC or AfN. Our facilitators have extensive experience of the workplace environment and take a practical, down to earth approach designed to inspire and motivate a corporate audience.

Will the workshop be tailored to our organization?

We work very closely with each of our clients to understand their work culture and objectives. As part of the booking process, we will complete a facilitator brief to include any background information needed to make the content relevant to participants.

What is the booking process?

After we’ve agreed on your choice of workshops and dates, we will send you a booking confirmation. You’ll then receive your promotional email template and online booking facility to help you drive sign-ups. We’ll work closely with you to build engagement and maximise attendance on the day.

What happens after the session?

We will gather feedback from attendees at the end of the session and send you a report. Sessions are followed by additional resources sent by email, including recipes and posters.

How is Body Composition Testing Carried Out?
  • Drop-in session, from 5mins to longer individual consultations (on-site)
  • 30-minute group coaching & Q&A (tests performed in confidence) (on-site)

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