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Introduction to Wellbeing for Line Managers

Equipping your team leaders with essential awareness and skills to support employee wellbeing.

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Line manager introduction to wellbeing

Line managers and team leaders greatly influence your organisation’s culture and how much it supports employee wellbeing. With one of the major wellbeing trends since the pandemic being a consideration of job design and work practices, the role of managers is firmly in the spotlight. Yet recent CIPD research has highlighted a gap in managers’ wellbeing skills and awareness as a key barrier to progress in this area.

For this reason, many organisations are currently looking to help their managers to develop the awareness and  skills required to support employee wellbeing.

This introduction to wellbeing for line managers is designed to equip your team leaders with essential insights into workplace wellbeing and the value it brings at the level of their own team. They will be encouraged to reflect on current issues which could be relating to wellbeing and how to address them.

If you are looking for more in-depth training, you may want to explore our half-day Wellbeing Training for Leaders course as an alternative, or a way to build further on this introduction.

What the session covers:
  • Why wellbeing at work matters – from a risk management perspective as well as its benefits, from team performance to retention
  • Key facts about physical and mental health at work
  • Understanding the main psychosocial risk factors and how to address them
  • The importance of psychological safety and empathetic communication: scenarios and examples
  • Reflection on key takeaways and actions

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