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Managing Uncertainty

Understanding the effects of change and practical tools to thrive – A session balancing science, thoughtful discussion and practice.

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We’ve all experienced unprecedented change over the last few years resulting in a wide variety of consequences to our wellbeing. But with ongoing concerns over the Coronavirus, global unrest and resulting challenges in the workplace, the feeling of uncertainty, that arises with any change, continues to impact both our physical and mental health.

This session aims to unpack why change, often because it’s beyond our control, can affect us so greatly. We explore how our brains work and why uncertainty brings uncomfortable feelings that we should often not ignore.

The session aims to be a balance of science, thoughtful discussion and practice, incorporating two breathing exercises and a visualisation. We’ll be covering:

  • Discussion & sharing experiences
  • Understanding why change is demanding both mentally and physically
  • Why uncertainty brings fear
  • The role of mindfulness
  • Kindness and compassion
  • Breathing techniques practice
  • Visualisation: gaining perspective
  • Helpful resources

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