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Top health tips to help minimise key risk factors for men’s physical health, from supporting healthy testosterone levels to man flu.

Men's & women's health
Men's health webinar
Who the men’s health workshop is for:

Anyone interested in using nutrition and lifestyle measures to address men’s health and wellbeing, whether for themselves or their loved ones.

What it covers:

Why is men’s life expectation currently almost 4 years shorter than women’s? This men’s health webinar pinpoints the specific risk factors which men are most susceptible to, both in terms of their physical and mental health. Knowing about these risks, and understanding their causes is the first step towards addressing them effectively. Once you’re in the know, even small adjustments to your eating, exercise and other lifestyle habits will make a big difference in disease prevention for a long and healthy life. 

  • Let’s start with some men’s health stats, from sperm health to longevity
  • Mental & emotional wellbeing – no-one is super human
  • The top risk factors, including heart health, male cancers, liver disease and diabetes
  • Man flu is real – how to strengthen your immune system in the face of flu, pneumonia and Covid-19
  • Understanding male hormones and andropause
  • Sleep – why it’s time to take it seriously
  • 10 practical tips for good health, including nutrition and fitness tips for men
 Key men’s health outcomes:
  • Increased awareness of risk factors that affect men’s health and that they can be influenced through daily habits
  • Practical takeaways which feel achievable and motivating to implement
  • A great way to open up the conversation about men’s health
What people say:

“I thought it was a highly informative presentation that touched upon all the key medical issues facing us today. Having experienced serious metabolic syndrome myself, I enjoyed the ‘refresher’ on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle!”


“The session was great, very informative. So much stuff I never even knew about.”


“Enjoyed learning about how men’s health needs differ from women’s and what they needed to be supported with.”


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