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Men’s Mental Health

Explore men’s mental health challenges and practical ways to promote emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Men's & women's health
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Uncover the important factors when it comes to the status of men’s mental health, whilst equipping men with the appropriate and wide-ranging tools to help them manage and enhance their mental health.

Who is the men’s mental health workshop for:

Key information for men across all walks of life, but also those wanting to support male colleagues, friends and family with their health and wellbeing.

What the men’s mental health workshop covers:

For both males and females, anxiety and depressive conditions represent approximately 60% of mental health disorders. But despite these similarities, there are great differences between men and women’s mental health outcomes. During this session we will explore these disparities to leave you with a better understanding of these important issues and enable you to be better prepared to support yourselves and colleagues.

  • Let’s start with some men’s mental health stats to fully understand these disparities.
  • Plus have a reminder on what we mean by mental health, and why it affects all aspects of life.
  • Touch on the science behind mental health issues and how a mixture of biological, social and psychological factors all plays a part.
  • Examine these key factors in the context of men, including:- Male loneliness and specific life stages when men are at heightened risk.
    – Understanding why men’s reactions to stress can often be to their detriment.
    – Investigate key pressures that impact men’s mental health.
    – The relevance of declining testosterone levels in the male population.
  • The second part of the session will provide lots of practical ideas and information on how to support men’s mental health but first we will explore symptoms to spot if you maybe suffering with poor mental wellbeing.
  • We then outline a wide variety of useful tools – from health checks to talk therapies and nutrition tips to realigning goals, the aim is you can decide what might support you now.

Attendees will come away with a better understanding of their own or colleagues’ experiences, as well as further knowledge around spotting mental wellbeing struggles and a wide variety of ideas to help improve men’s mental health.

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