Nicely Spicy Pumpkin Pie

I remember tasting pumpkin pie as a child, and thinking this was food made in heaven! That smooth comforting texture, and warm orangey spicy colour – this is a treat designed for autumn, isn’t it?

So when I received a lovely organic pumpkin with my grocery delivery this week, I decided to recreate this childhood memory, with my own twist, replacing a lot of the traditional ingredients with more nutritious versions, and I love my spices so I’ve really jazzed this pie up with a blend of 4 different ones.

The result is very nourishing, packed with good fats from the coconut oil and the macadamia nuts, great for brain function, and also full of protein (often lacking in sweet foods!) to help keep your blood sugars balanced and prevent cravings. Generous amounts of cinnamon help make your cells more sensitive to insulin, so you get more energy out of your food, and stay satisfied for longer. Oh and I was going to forget the main ingredient: pumpkin is loaded with vitamin A (as most orange and yellow plants), fabulous for healthy skin and eyesight. So you can see trick or treaters in the dark, ha!


Download your pumpkin pie recipe here:
Nicely spicy pumpkin pie



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