From webinars to long-term programmes, here’s how we can support your wellbeing strategy

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What we

We offer a rich menu of tried-and-tested wellbeing programmes to fit your objectives, whether you’re looking for a single webinar or a longer-term programme.
Whenever you book a project with us, our wellbeing consultant will complete a project brief with you to ensure it is tailored to your workforce and environment. Our high standards of service will underpin every stage of delivery ensuring it is highly professional, engaging and evidence based.

Our team of nutritionists are not only highly trained in nutrition, they are also very experienced at working with a corporate audience. You can have peace of mind that your employees will enjoy a highly engaging, stimulating session with a strong focus on practical application in everyday life.

Your wellbeing programme

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If you’re looking for a wellbeing webinar or workshop, the menu of topics we offer might be wider than you think. When it comes to our mental wellbeing, the quality of sleep we enjoy, and many areas of our physical wellbeing, ranging from musculoskeletal to our immune health, the role that our diet plays is all to often underestimated.

Webinars are a highly cost-effective way of supporting your employee wellbeing and become even more cost-effective (and effective) when you book a series or package of sessions with us.

The SuperWellness Challenge

The SuperWellness Challenge is a lifestyle behaviour change programme run over a minimum three-month period.

Since the programme was introduced in 2014, it has proven to be both consistent and effective. It delivers measurable results in terms of:

  • biometric data
  • standardised health & wellbeing questionnaires
  • employer measures such as sickness absence.

This tried-and-tested format, which is favoured by many of our clients over the past six years, is tailored to each work environment and has been implemented successfully across industries such as transport, construction, hospitality, leisure and media.

immune resilienceIntroducing our new health conditioning programme

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic we are launching this new wellbeing programme tailored to these times. Research is uncovering new links every day between our diet and lifestyle and both our immune resilience and healthy recovery from the disease.

This three month programme is available online and designed to address the key risk factors known to date.

Step 1:

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Step 3:

The SuperWellness Challenge

A workplace lifestyle change programme proven to deliver measurable results

Step 4:

Maintenance Programme

Keep your employees motivated and on track with a programme of engaging webinars

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