Wellbeing champion consultancy to support, develop, and manage your network

Tailored solutions to suit your organisation and culture

There are many aspects to developing and managing a network of wellbeing champions. To do so effectively for the long term can be time-consuming and require specialist knowledge and experience. Whether you’re looking for support with specific stages, such as the initial recruitment and set up, or an ongoing engagement, such as a lead champion service, our wellbeing champions consultancy is here to help you.

Here are just some of the areas we can support you with:

Wellbeing champion application and onboarding
  • Tailored communications to introduce your champion programme
  • Resources explaining the role of the champion, support provided and inviting applications
  • Initial application questionnaire set up and support through the selection process
  • Wellbeing champion onboarding – initial orientation, introduction to the role and how to get the most out of the resources
  • Communicating 12-month calendar (campaigns, training sessions, quarterly planning)
Wellbeing champion programme planning
  • Agreeing key priorities with your wellbeing team
  • Outlining 12-month plan, topics, timelines & key dates
  • Discussing and finalising action plan & champion programme elements


Wellbeing champion survey design
Wellbeing champion survey design to include email invitation and incentivisation recommendations to maximise response rate, followed by a pdf report
Wellbeing programme action plan
Wellbeing programme action plan – shared reference document for the wellbeing team and champion network
Setting up a reporting system
Setting up a reporting system – online form to track and report on queries
Ongoing support
Ongoing support – for example a query system (form submission) and / or WhatsApp group to share successes and any questions
Wellbeing champion engagement and recognition
  • Certificates recognising ‘Continuous Learning & Development Achievement’, ‘Health and Wellbeing Inspiration and Role Modelling’ and others
  • Champion engagement through peer nominations
  • Wellbeing champion awards
Interested in wellbeing champion training? Click here to find out more.


Champion recruitment

Promote applications to your network and onboard your wellbeing champions

Programme planning

Support your champions to gain clarity on their role and action plan for the year

Wellbeing champion engagement

Engage and motivate champions through a compelling recognition programme

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