Equip your wellbeing champions with the skills and confidence to thrive in their role

Choose from our tailored and scheduled wellbeing champion training courses

Appropriate training is a must for an effective wellbeing champion programme. We provide a range of options to support your wellbeing champions, from an initial taster session to a more substantial foundation course to get your champions set for their role. Longer-term training and support are just as important to consider, and we offer both tailored ongoing development as well as SuperChamps, our ongoing programme of monthly CPD accredited speaker sessions, supporting wellbeing campaigns throughout the year.

Wellbeing champion
foundation training

Get your champions all set with our 3-hour wellbeing champion foundation training, covering theory, discussion facilitation and practical coaching to apply essential skills at the start of the champion journey.

This wellbeing champion training course includes pre-session tailoring to cover your specific wellbeing vision, objectives, and context.

wellbeing champion training
1. Understanding the concept of wellbeing in the workplace

Understanding the concept of wellbeing in the workplace and the interconnected elements which contribute to it (physical, mental, social, emotional, and financial) and organisation-specific wellbeing vision / objectives.

What does wellbeing mean to you?

What does the organisation’s wellbeing vision mean to you?

2. Key barriers to wellbeing at work

Key barriers to wellbeing at work, including current trends and challenges (e.g., men’s mental health, technology and ‘always on culture, work-life balance, stress and burnout, importance of diversity and inclusion).

Discussing the group’s experience and observations of key barriers locally

3. The role of the wellbeing champion

The role of the wellbeing champion: what does it include / not include.

Discussing perceptions of challenges in the role, support available and how to support one another

4. Introducing 5 key wellbeing champion Skills
  • Health Promotion & Engagement – understanding the value of lifestyle recommendations to prevent poor health and disease. Best practice approach to promoting ongoing wellbeing activities and maximising engagement with live events and fully utilising tools available
  • Supporting colleagues around mental health – delving into factors that can impact mental health, how to spot signs and support those who may be struggling
  • Skilled conversations & communication that promote psychological safety – familiarisation with key tools for skilled conversations, including active listening, open questions, empathy and compassion
  • Influencing different levels of the organisation – who do you need to get on board to help make your role a success?
  • Motivating colleagues with a ‘psychology of change’ approach – understanding concepts around building positive habits and the psychology of change in order to nurture authentic motivation

Discussing understanding of these concepts and sharing examples

Coaching champions to reflect on their own goals and areas in which they would like to act as a role model for colleagues (based on current personal strengths and interests or willingness to be open about their own journey and goals)

6. Effective communication

Effective communication: how to have skilled conversations with colleagues around health & wellbeing, active listening skills & concept of psychological safety.

Role play around different scenarios

7. Promoting wellbeing activities and maximising engagement

Best practice approach to promoting ongoing wellbeing activities and maximising engagement with live events and fully utilising tools available to champions, including monthly challenges, signposting resources, toolbox talks.

Discussing upcoming programme topics and outlining a plan to build engagement, including action plans for each champion

8. Putting it all into practice

Putting it all into practice

Completing and discussing personal objectives for the next 3 months, action plans and the ‘Wellbeing Champion’s Pledge’

Looking for a bitesize training session? Click here to find out more about our 1-hour wellbeing champion introductory training.

Longer term

Looking for longer term training and development for your wellbeing champions? We offer two options, including our programme of tailored development sessions and our popular SuperChamps programme of monthly CPD accredited speaker sessions.

long term wellbeing champion development

Foundation training

Half-day intensive course to get your wellbeing champions up and running

Introductory session

A 1-hour taster session to raise awareness or encourage wellbeing champion applications

Ongoing development

Monthly CPD-accredited speaker sessions on a range of wellbeing topics

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