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Wellbeing champions

Wellbeing champions play a pivotal role in ensuring your wellbeing programme achieves positive results. They bridge the gap between your wellbeing team and your workforce, in particular when they are distributed across locations, or representing diverse groups (e.g., field-based vs office-based employees).

With the appropriate training and support, they will ensure your wellbeing strategy reaches across your organisation, and is brought to life at the level of each team. An effective wellbeing champion network will ensure:

  • Your strategy is communicated effectively
  • Barriers to engagement are addressed
  • Reliable colleague feedback and input is relayed back to help shape your programme and ensure the best fit with employee requirements

Whatever stage you are currently at regarding the rollout of your wellbeing champion programme, we can support you with the following services:

Wellbeing champion

CPD accreditation

Not sure where to get started with setting up your wellbeing champion network, or looking to build on your established programme? No problem, we can support you through our wellbeing champion consultancy service.

Wellbeing champion

CPD accreditation

Get your wellbeing champions set up and confident in their role with our 3-hour foundation training course. Prefer a simple introductory session for now? Find out about our 1-hour introductory wellbeing champion webinar here.

Looking to develop and grow your wellbeing champions’ skills and confidence? Discover our SuperChamps programme of CPD accredited speaker sessions or opt for our more bespoke development training programme.

Why work with us?

Having supported organisations to design and implement wellbeing programmes for the past 12 years, we believe strongly in the importance of a ‘grassroots approach’ to workplace wellbeing.

What do we mean by this? There are many ‘top down’, ‘out of the box’ and ‘tick in the box’ approaches to wellbeing. However the results are generally disappointing, from low engagement, to programmes which lose momentum after a while, actually undermining confidence in the value of workplace wellbeing generally. The reality is that shortcuts rarely work and that there are many layers to an effective workplace wellbeing strategy. Your wellbeing champions are an important component of your overall strategy and represent the ultimate ‘grassroots’ approach, through their unique position in building trust and peer-to-peer influence.

For this reason, we’ve invested much thought and energy into developing our wellbeing champion programmes over the past years, working closely with our clients to understand the realities involved and develop tried-and-tested approaches, which can then be tailored to different work environments.


If you’d like to discuss further how we can help you develop your wellbeing champions’ strategy, get in touch to arrange your free initial consultation.

Best practice training

Tailored training courses and a calendar of CPD accredited speaker sessions

Strategic consultancy

We help you design and develop your wellbeing champions programme for long-term results.

Practical toolkits

Monthly fresh resources including toolbox talks, challenges and competitions, signposting and more, with unlimited access to our existing library.

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