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Formulate your wellbeing strategy, translate it into action plans at team level, and review progress

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Starting from scratch or looking to refresh your current wellbeing strategy?

As the world of work and wellbeing’s place within it are constantly evolving, approaches considered successful in the past may no longer be working. Perhaps you’ve noted a drop in engagement with wellbeing activities, or current initiatives are not going far enough to address more deep seated issues affecting employees’ wellbeing. Perhaps your work practices have changed and raised new challenges which are no longer addressed by previous approaches.

More and more organisations are putting in place a formal wellbeing strategy (over 51% according to the most recent CIPD health & wellbeing report). Those who do are reporting benefits such as improved morale and engagement, lower sickness absence, enhanced employer brand, better productivity and staff retention.

We recommend taking a 3-year view when it comes to your employee wellbeing strategy, along with an approach based on a cycle of continuous improvement, usually on an annual basis. Our consultancy packages are designed to support you whatever the stage you are at by bringing:

  • Wellbeing strategy best practice know-how and experience
  • Skilled third-party facilitation to guide productive discussion and collaboration
  • Structure, objective definition and accountability to ensure that delivering meaningful results remains a priority for your wellbeing strategy over the long term
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Practical wellbeing strategy support, aimed at achieving results

We recognise that each organisation is unique and our approach is all about building on what you have in place already. A detailed gap analysis will help us to identify key priorities, and informed by organisational psychology science and understanding, to recommend practical steps, both geared to achieving quick wins as well as longer term benefits.

Our 3-stage methodology includes the following steps:

Stage 1: Wellbeing audit and recommendations report

Includes your strategy workbook interactive pdf document

Consultancy (via Teams calls & emails) with your wellbeing team, to include:

  • Agreement of audit and strategy development plan and milestones
  • Gap analysis including guidance around completion of a diagnostic tool at organisational level
  • Tailoring of best practice employee wellbeing survey template to suit your specific needs
  • Audit report: current provision, gaps, strategy group meeting insights and observations and recommendations for next steps.

In addition:

Employee wellbeing survey template (online setup) to include email invitation and incentivisation recommendations to maximise response rate, followed by a pdf report

Use of unique diagnostic tool, based on an evidence-based wellbeing framework

Strategy group facilitation: 2-hour session with key stakeholders (In person or via Teams)

Stage 2: Wellbeing strategy formulation

Consultancy (via Teams calls & emails) with your wellbeing team, to include support and guidance to:

  • Draft wellbeing vision and objectives
  • Select and if needed tailor the most appropriate wellbeing framework
  • Outline 12-month plan, including calendar of activities
  • Launch and communicate the wellbeing strategy across the organisation



Stage 3: Team leader action planning

We recommend preceding this step with our Wellbeing Training for leaders foundation course to provide an initial understanding of key wellbeing concepts and the role of wellbeing within organisations and teams.

  • Leadership team communication (Email invitation to action planning sessions, setting out objectives/purpose)
  • Group coaching sessions (In person or via Teams):
    • Communicate key strategy points
    • Discuss how they translate into actionable points for each team
    • Coach managers and leaders to embed wellbeing values into their work practices and to address specific challenges
  • Written report to the wellbeing team – observations and recommendations from the group coaching sessions
  • One-to-one hotline for managers and leaders to discuss specific issues and challenges


Why work
with us?

Your wellbeing strategy success means everything to us

  • Evidence-based approach informed by organisational psychology and wellbeing knowledge and best practice
  • Practical, down-to-earth approach aimed at achieving real results, including quick wins to mobilise wider support
  • High quality materials and communications to help embed your wellbeing message
  • Over 10 years experience designing and delivering wellbeing programmes and an understanding of the practical realities of workplace wellbeing
Wellbeing strategy workbook

6 key

We’ll help you gain clarity and plan the way forward

There is no set path and no single approach that fits all organisations when it comes to workplace wellbeing, however there is a wealth of guidance and research which is continuously being added to. Our approach is designed around these 6 key aspects in order to create a coherent wellbeing strategy which works for your organisation:


Your objectives

What are you looking to achieve?


How will you measure success?


Which model should you adopt?



A gap analysis of current interventions

Wellbeing calendar

Wellbeing calendar planning

Campaigns to build engagement



Who is involved and what are the key roles

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