Boost mood, energy and
natural fat burning – the smart way

Re-energise your employees to make a fresh start
with healthy ways to reinvigorate their metabolisms


A six-week programme for metabolism health

We’ve all experienced ups and downs in our motivation to keep fit and eat healthily this past year, working from home and simply keeping up with the many changes the pandemic has thrown at us. Now is the perfect time for new beginnings and we’ve designed this programme to support your employees to make a fresh healthy start, feeling re-energised, motivated and positive for the coming months.

Programme structure

3 x 1-hour webinars on nutrition & healthy metabolism, reducing alcohol intake and boosting fitness

3 x 1 hour group coaching sessions, including meal planning, addressing barriers to change and motivation, and an end-of-programme quiz

Health questionnaire at start and finish

3 prizes posted to winners in recognition of best efforts and achievements

Recipes and resources throughout

All session recordings

Content overview

Week 1: Metabolic conditioning – 1 hour webinar

There are many factors which influence our metabolism, from hormones to sleep, and calorie intake is just one part of the story. Why is it important to know about these factors? Because our metabolic health has a major impact throughout our life on our body shape, how we feel, as well as our overall health and longevity. Only recently, it has also been highlighted as a major factor in developing complications of Covid-19. Book onto this eye-opening session to discover:


  • Why our metabolism is so important for long-term health
  • How to measure metabolic health at home (why knowing your waist/hip ratio is more useful than BMI and how to measure it)
  • The role of different macronutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates) and the perfect balance to aim for
  • How to kick sugar cravings and plan well-balanced meals throughout the week
  • The 7 blocks to healthy weight loss and how to address them (including the role of different hormones, sleep and exercise)
  • Intermittent fasting: is it a good idea?

Week 2: Practical meal planning – 1 hour interactive structured group coaching

Week 3: Boost your fitness – 1 hour webinar

Whether you’re already a keen fitness fan or the idea of exercise makes you break into a cold sweat, this workshop is filled with motivating insights that will make you want to take your fitness to the next level. What it covers:


  • How fit are you? Let’s do a quick check
  • Movement vs exercise – how they differ and why we need them both
  • Benefits for your brain and your mood
  • Physical health and longevity benefits of different forms of exercise
  • What does a well-rounded exercise routine look like in order to maximise the benefits to you?
  • Key nutrition principles in sports and exercise

Week 4: The alcohol-savvy action plan – 1 hour webinar

Cutting down on alcohol, even for just 21days, can pay huge dividends: clearer healthier skin, weight loss, feeling healthier and mentally stronger.

This workshop is designed to encourage and support the reduction or abstinence of alcohol for 21 days or longer.


  • Calculate your weekly and monthly alcohol units
  • Estimate how many calories you’re ‘drinking’
  • Work out your monthly tipple budget and how much you could save
  • Understand the benefits of reducing alcohol intake
  • Design your own 21 day ‘challenge’
  • Make a personalised plan for achieving your ‘challenge’ goal including top tips, nutritional advice and some practical suggestions for alternative drinks in different situations

Week 5: Super Challenge – final push– 1 hour interactive structured group coaching (overcoming barriers to change, taking the 7 day Super Challenge)

Week 6: Quiz on programme content – 1 hour group coaching and sharing of progress, announcement of 3 winners

Watch this video interview with Jasmyn, a recent participant from the 6-Week Metabolic Kickstart programme run by REM Real Estate Management Ltd. Jasmyn shares her experience of implementing the lifestyle changes and her thoughts on wellbeing as a benefit offered by her employer.

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