Recommended Suppliers

Healthy food supplies and groceries

Abel and Cole – for organic fresh groceries

Infinity Foods – a co-operative food supplier based in Brighton, handy for ordering store cupboard ingredients in bulk (we buy our organic lentils, rice, quinoa, nut butters, coconut milk and many more kitchen staples from them) – so much cheaper (and more ethical) this way! Team up with your friends to order the required quantities.

Whole Foods Market – a wide ranging selection of food in the High Street Kensington branch. I go there to pick up some of the ingredients I struggle to get hold of elsewhere, like black beluga lentils and organic corn tacos. You can make your own nut butter.

Planet Organic – healthy supplies and tasty hot food (mainly dotted around London).


Bounce Balls – handy densely packed snacks which are high in protein. Fairly high in sugar too, so not an everyday choice, but works well before a run or training session.

Munchy Seeds – very tasty and practical snacks. The snack pouches (24 in a box) are just the right size and so easy to carry around with you.

Nairn’s – their oatcakes are a handy low GL (glycaemic load) substitute for bread.

Nut Butters – a great tasting source of protein.

Green & Blacks – the 85% cacao dark chocolate (or if this still proves too much of a step, their 70%). High in cacao and low in sugar, this is perfect for satisfying sweet or chocolate cravings.

Dairy free alternatives to milk

Koko Coconut Milk – a great cow’s milk alternative, now available from many of the supermarkets.

Ecomil Almond Milk – another good cow’s milk alternative – make sure you get the ‘unsweetened’ version


Olio di Luigi – unfiltered, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from Salvina Mendola’s family farm in Sicily. Harvested and pressed with care to maximise the oil’s nutritional benefits and flavour. Perfect for dressings and salads.

Coconut Oil – great for cooking as it has a high smoke point (in other words, it’s stable at fairly high temperatures)

Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend – the perfect ratio of omega 3, 6 and 9 from plant sources. Use cold to drizzle onto food.

Other foods

Lizi’s Granola – a great alternative for transitioning away from the commercial processed high GL cereals. Packed with nuts and seeds and great taste too.

Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder – a great alternative to stock cubes high in salt and additives. I add a teaspoon of this to most things I cook! (rice, quinoa, stews, curries, soups…)

Xilosweet Xylitol – This is a natural sweetener which has a low impact on blood sugar levels. Use in moderation, but very handy for transitioning from added sugar in tea or coffee. You can also use it for baking. Never give it to dogs however, just like chocolate, they cannot tolerate it.

‘Clean’ protein powders

Protein powders are the subject of intense marketing, and caution is required to see beyond all the hype! They are not necessarily the panacea they are often claimed to be, however I’ve found they certainly have their place in a busy schedule, providing you check the ingredients list carefully. Look for sugar content and additives. The following products are the ones I generally recommend (I am not an affiliate or reseller for any of these products): – a no-fuss, good value protein powder supplier. The unflavoured versions don’t have any of the sweeteners or additives so common in most over-priced and over-hyped brands. Avoid the flavoured versions here too.

Vega One – a great selection of shakes packed with nutritious ingredients. Even the flavoured options are ‘clean’ as well as getting good feedback for taste.


Active Edge Cherry Active Concentrate – if you struggle with plain water, this is a good alternative to cordials, which are often high in sugar or artificial sweeteners. Made with the concentrated juice of Montmorency cherries, shown by some studies to alleviate arthritis and gout.

Some Tasty Tea Selections – Pukka Teas, Clipper Organic White Tea, Red Bush Tea or any of the other flavours you fancy.

Grumpy Mule – organic coffee and decaff coffee, which uses the Swiss Water process (meaning that the caffeine is removed using water instead of toxic chemicals).

Body care products

Green People – a truly wonderful range of products that are effective, luxurious and down to earth at the same time (don’t be fooled by the utilitarian packaging, it’s the content that counts!). And their chemical free shampoos actually do give you a proper lather, so no compromise on results.

Better You – a great selection of products for sleep and stress relief, great magnesium sprays and bath salts, plus Vitamin D3 sprays.


Magic Whiteboard – I find this very useful for writing out goals or habits you want to be reminded of (very satisfying, scrawling them across the wall!)

Nutribullet – a ‘super food extractor’ that claims to break down food in a way that preserves a maximum amount of nutrition. I must admit that I have not tried it myself, but felt I had to include it because so many of my clients and people I’ve spoken to have told me that it’s so easy to use and clean that it’s dramatically increased their intake of plant foods.

Wide necked flasks – very useful for times when there are no facilities available for storing or heating food (and no time to go and buy it either!)

Sigg – BPA free bottles for drinking water on the go. They make great presents with their wide variety of designs.

Apps and Technology

Fitbit – wearable technology for monitoring fitness related parameters

myfitnesspal – a great tool for recording food and exercise, which integrates with some of the wearable technology. It’s a shame that so much emphasis is on the calorie counting/burning side of things, but many of my clients have found it very useful and motivating to be able to keep a food and activity diary so easily (powerful for behavioural change)


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