Fertility, Pregnancy and Healthy Baby

Strategies for mum and newborn health, from preconception to postpartum.

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Increasingly employers are recognising the impact that reproductive health can have on their people including significant mental health implications. Offering support to employees at this stage of life is a meaningful step towards an inclusive, prevention-focused workplace wellbeing approach, optimising fertility, pregnancy, and a healthy baby.

One essential aspect which is often overlooked when it comes to fertility, pregnancy and newborn health is the role played by lifestyle and nutrition in particular. A 2023 study of expectant mothers in the UK, New Zealand and Singapore found that 90% lacked several essential nutrients needed for an optimal pregnancy and a healthy baby. These key nutrients, including vitamins B2, B6, B1 and D as well as folic acid, are all critical for both mum and baby.

This webinar takes a deep dive into reproductive health, delving into how diet and lifestyle habits can be used to help maximise the chances of a successful conception and pregnancy as well as how to help support a happy, healthy mum and baby.

Who is it for?

The Fertility, Pregnancy and Healthy Baby session is for anyone who is thinking about having a baby, is already pregnant, has a pregnant partner or has a newborn. It is equally relevant to grandparents-to-be, aunts, uncles, carers or other relatives and friends of anyone who may be embarking on the remarkable journey to parenthood. The ideas and support are a useful guide to caring for your loved ones.

What it covers:
  • Fertility and preconception: how to best prepare both parents for a successful conception by looking at nutrient requirements and lifestyle factors that can affect fertility, as well as giving the mother the essential reserves to begin a pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy: a baby will ensure it takes what it needs, when it can, from its mum. Whilst this is good for the baby it can leave a woman short of nutrients if these are insufficient for both, so it is crucial to know how to nourish and sustain both mother and baby during this critical time of growth and development.
  • Postnatal/postpartum: The focus often shifts from mum to baby in this phase although it is still very important to support the mother, particularly to ensure a good milk supply and to safeguard mental health. We draw on international experience to suggest ways to ease the transition to becoming a new family without becoming overwhelmed
Key outcomes:

Support and engage members of your workforce in their fertile years or anyone supporting or caring for someone in this position. With up to 5 generations active in the workplace, the need to support a wide range of employees from different age groups is more important than ever.

This session helps prepare for a successful pregnancy and a healthy mum and baby benefiting employees going through this exciting period of both physical and emotional change.

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