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Mental Health Series: Resilience

Learn to relax and create a strong and positive mindset, including tips to optimize mental function.

Mental wellbeing

Learn to relax and create a strong and positive mindset, including tips to optimise mental function.

Who it’s for:

Anyone who wishes to cultivate resilience in the face of stress, adversity and change.

What it covers:

Times of change and adversity test our resilience to the limit. Tension and anxiety can take over our mindset, disrupting our concentration, mood and general wellbeing. In this session we look at how to build a strong, positive and focused mindset by increasing our awareness and putting in place positive daily habits and practices.

  • The challenges we face and how they affect our body and mind
  • What does resilience mean exactly?
  • 12 resilience-building factors
  • Nutrition tips to build resilience
  • Take the 1-minute breath test to gauge how you are feeling right now
  • Guided visualisation practice: gaining perspective
  • What resilience-building habits will you cultivate?

This session aims to create space for reflection and awareness at a deeper level, and ultimately a positive shift in mindset that puts you in a stronger position to face challenging situations in future.

Unique benefits:

This is a unique combination of techniques for strengthening our resilience and diet tips, providing a highly practical toolkit for self development.

Key outcomes:
  • Light bulb moments about the things that hold us back and the things that really switch us on
  • Opening up a meaningful discussion and encouraging sharing between participants
  • Practical takeaways including diet tips and a visualization technique to use in daily life.
What people say:

“Enlightening. I’ve learnt so much about myself and can’t wait to explore more.”


“The opportunity to stop and think about the things I should be doing to support my health and wellbeing was extremely helpful!”


Really interesting. Some really simple ideas were shared that will be easy to implement – the speaker made change sounds not just possible but straightforward.”

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