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Revitalise and Energise Every Day

An action-packed session demonstrating the benefit of simple exercises in our daily routines.

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In a 2023 UK survey by BUPA of 500 workers, 48% of respondents rated their energy levels at less than 25% in the workplace. There is a myriad of reasons for low energy, but movement is a simple, everyday tool that can help us to feel revitalised, and invigorate our focus for the day.

Our Revitalise & Energise Every Day workshop offers practical ideas and guidance on how to reignite the body’s energy using movement. Catering to various workplace settings, different personality types, and a range of fitness levels, the session promises to leave you feeling motivated to embrace the benefits of exercise.

Who is our Revitalise & Energise Every Day for:

For those seeking to enhance productivity, instantly energise the body, learn how to sustain energy levels, and cultivate resilience.

What our Revitalise & Energise Every Day covers:
  • Exercise & why it energises you
  • 8 Energising exercises
  • Understanding the different types of exercise
  • Exercise and personality types – there is a type of exercise out there for everyone!
  • Strength training and how to incorporate into your day
  • Stretching – why it’s key to your exercise plan and practical examples
  • Overcoming struggles
  • Let’s create an action to keep your energy levels boosted.
Unique benefits:

This session is packed with practical and effective ways to boost energy levels both at work and at home. Benefits will be gained immediately from the practical examples but there are also plenty of actionable takeaways and important learnings about why exercise is key to supporting health.

Key outcomes:

Leave feeling more energised and productive with a fresh outlook on motivation and armed with lifelong skills on how to boost everyday energy levels. Take away an action plan to apply to your everyday routine and maintain a sense of vitality.

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