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How can we help you?

Use our interactive workplace wellbeing services map for an overview of the services we provide and how they support different aspects of your wellbeing strategy.

If you are looking to take a strategic approach to wellbeing, our strategy consultancy is a good place to start, where we will work with you to define and plan elements such as objectives, measurement and frameworks, as well as your team, interventions and communications.

The last three elements on the left – team, interventions and communications – require ongoing practical implementation and these are the elements we can support you with through our own wellbeing services offering.

For example, by training your line managers or wellbeing champions, we help you develop your team element, by providing regular wellbeing content packs, we take away some of the pressure of ongoing wellbeing communications, and finally, our live wellbeing webinars and in-person events are there to assist you with providing high-quality, engaging interventions.

Simply click on each section to view the corresponding wellbeing services and follow the link to read more detailed information.

  • Build support from across the organisation via your wellbeing committee, champions and line managers.

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  • Align with your organisational strategy, gain wide support for your wellbeing strategy and achieve meaningful results.

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  • Gauge progress, demonstrate the business case for your wellbeing strategy and maintain positive momentum for the long-term.

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  • Put in place a sound foundation for your wellbeing strategy and its future development.

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  • Achieve the most effective balance of primary, secondary & tertiary interventions.

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  • Ensure your year-round programme is relevant, fresh and engaging.

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