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The Power of Social Wellbeing

How to feel connected for better wellbeing and fulfilment, even when working remotely.

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Who it’s for:

Anyone who would like to feel more connected, and focus on enhancing this often neglected aspect of our wellbeing

What it covers:

As human beings we are social creatures by nature. We not only crave interactions, we need them in order to thrive. This is what makes social wellbeing an integral element of a fulfilling, healthy life, even though it can all too easily get neglected in our busy lives. Don’t miss this session for an opportunity for reflection, sharing and picking up a wealth of evidence-based tips for boosting this essential but often overlooked area of wellbeing:

  • What is social wellbeing – generally and at work specifically?
  • Why should we be cultivating greater social wellbeing?
  • 10 steps to building healthy, supportive and effective relationships in and outside of work
  • 6 habits of highly empathetic people
  • How to navigate the benefits and pitfalls of technology and remote working, including tips for ‘Zoom fatigue’
  • What steps will you be putting into practice?
Unique benefits:

This very practical session is packed with tips to implement and also allows plenty of opportunity for self-reflection and sharing.

What people say:

“Found it to be exactly what I needed at the perfect time. I needed some answers to how I was living in this lockdown and how I could improve it and this gave me direction and hope. It was clearly and concisely delivered with good tone and pace. Easy to listen to.”


“Interesting and very valuable in these still very difficult times.”


“Really warm presenter, felt like an informal chat! Made me think about some social interactions from a different perspective.”

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