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Stay Alcohol Savvy

Exploring our relationship with alcohol and why cutting back can bring a myriad of health benefits.

Prevention of ill-health
Who it’s for:

Anyone who feels that alcohol may be having a negative effect on their life or health and is intrigued about cutting down or going alcohol-free. It maybe you are considering a set amount of time (e.g. ‘Dry January’ or ‘Go Sober for October’) or it could be you’re looking for some motivational insights about the benefits of reducing alcohol.

What it covers:

Cutting down on alcohol can pay huge dividends: clearer healthier skin, weight loss, feeling mentally stronger, not to mention reducing risk factors for a wide range of diseases.

This workshop is designed to encourage and support the reduction or abstinence of alcohol by providing key understandings into the impact of alcohol on our health.

The workshop comprises of the following areas:

  • A fun quiz to explore information on calories and units in different types of alcoholic drinks.
  • A guide to estimate how many calories you’re ‘drinking’!
  • Opportunity to get clear on why you might like to reduce your alcohol intake & start thinking about your goals.
  • Understand the realm of benefits that come with reducing alcohol intake.
  • Take control with our Alcohol Savvy 3 Stage Action Plan.
  • Practical ideas including nutritional information to support liver health and suggestions for alternative drinks.
Key outcomes:
  • Increased awareness of the impact of alcohol.
  • Motivation to reduce alcohol intake.
  • Realistic and practical takeaways to make cutting down easier.
What people say:

“I discovered new information on the effects that alcohol has on your body, and some good suggestions for alternatives. It was very informative and interesting, also well presented.”


“Very educational and brought suggestions to the table that I had never thought of.”


“Lots of information I never knew, like what time best to drink, what best to eat with alcohol, the downside of replacing sugar with sweeteners. Most of all it was good to learn the reason why these things are important to our bodily function.”

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