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Steps to sleep

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Steps to sleep

Investigate a checklist of potential sleep thieves, from nocturnal blood sugar fluctuations to hormones and create your personal plan to sleep better now!

Sleep is vitally important to our health and wellbeing and the benefits in the workplace of a good
night’s shuteye are hard to overestimate. But why do some people struggle to sleep well?

Who it’s for:

Anyone who fails to regularly get a good night’s restorative sleep, whether they struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up feeling unrefreshed.

What it covers:

Our facilitator will guide attendees to play ‘sleep detective’, ticking off their personal checklist of potential sleep thieves, from nocturnal blood sugar fluctuations to hormonal reasons. Your employees will be encouraged to build a personal action plan as the session unfolds. We’ll take a look at:

  • The role of sleep: why it’s vital for health, happiness and performance
  • The effects a lack of sleep can have on our physical and mental health
  • The key nutrition and lifestyle factors which influence your sleep quality, whether it’s the
    anxiety which many are experiencing during the Covid-19 pandemic or others you many not
    be familiar with such as nutrient intake and timing
  • 8 practical steps you can take to help you achieve sound, restorative sleep
Unique benefits

Although most sleep workshops include advice around good sleep hygiene and stress reduction,
very few provide insights into the impact of diet. The reasons for poor sleep are different for
each of us and this format aims to not just impart information but also take participants on a
journey of identifying and addressing their personal sleep issues.

Key outcomes:

Participants are invited to formulate their personal action plan for a good night’s sleep, including sleep hygiene, exercise choices and meal planning. Be prepared for a truly fresh perspective on sleep which can be life-changing. Your employees will thank you for it!

What people say:

“Throughout the session we were given a number of sleep tools that we
can use day-to-day. I am looking forward to trying a number of them out.”


‘Very very helpful, full of great knowledge!’

Damian, IG

‘This was a really informative and useful session. I found Magdalena’s
session informative and I will definitely be making some changes in my
lifestyle to ensure I optimise my sleep. I loved Magdalena’s humour and her
approach in explaining this topic.’

Ally M., IG


4.5 Average

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