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Stress Buster

What is stress & how to manage it through diet & lifestyle.

Mental wellbeing

This workshop focuses on how to minimise the impact of stress by asking “what is stress” & discussing how to manage it through diet & lifestyle.

Who it’s for:

Anyone who feels affected by stress and would like to learn how to prevent, minimise, and overcome the negative effects.

What it covers:

Stress: it can be good, bad or downright ugly!  This interactive session looks at how to minimise the impact of stress and how stress affects our physiology, body systems and mood – both in the moment and over the long haul.

  • How to recognise the warning signs of stress
  • The nutrients, diet and lifestyle habits which can nourish and support us in times of stress.
  • The stress-sugar connection and other foods to avoid
  • Learn some stress-busting breathing and visualisation techniques.
Unique benefits:

Lifestyle measures offers a fresh, practical and effective approach in helping our minds and bodies in the face of stress.

Key outcomes:
  • Understanding what stress means and how to recognise it in ourselves
  • Participants will come away with a toolkit of techniques and nutritional measures to help them better deal with stress
  • This workshop will open up the conversation around stress as something which is part of everyday life and which, with the right support, can be in our power to manage.
What people say:

“It was great to be able to talk openly about stress and receive this kind of practical support. A lot of light bulb moments for me around diet and stress!”


“Excellent! Very informative. Learnt a lot about how I can change my diet for and improved lifestyle and healthier outlook on stress management.”


“Very easy to follow, lots of useful tips that will help me cope with my current stress levels.”

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