Touch and Taste Workshop

Healthy Food Demonstration

Live demonstrations showing you how to make your own healthy recipes and try out new ingredients.

Onsite activities
Who it’s for:

Anyone who struggles with ideas for quick, easy, healthy, tasty food during busy work weeks.

What it covers:

In this live demonstration we show you how to make your own healthy recipes and try out new ingredients. You will discover how the right foods can help you boost your energy, brain performance and mood.

Choose from our selection of themes to provide your employees with healthy recipe ideas.

Themes include:
  • Tasty Mocktails: A fun way to engage employees in the benefits of reducing alcohol or embracing Dry January. Discover compelling facts and stats about the benefits of cutting back on alcohol, with a light-hearted exploration of the history and creation of cocktails.
  • Balanced Smoothies: Creating a healthy, balanced smoothie can provide a speedy breakfast or snack as well as offer the opportunity to squeeze in some of your ‘5 a day’. Perfect for helping to sustain blood sugar levels and energy – our recipes are quick and easy for all to make.
  • Protein Power: Getting the right amounts of protein at key times of the day has the power to prevent cravings and energy dips. Along with many other benefits of this key nutrient, your team will learn how to incorporate it into everyday recipes.
  • Healthy Snacks or Healthy Breakfast: Both breakfast and snacks are areas many of us struggle with. With so many unhealthy options to tempt us, being armed with tasty and easy ideas to keep us on track makes all the difference to our day.
Key outcomes:

Participants will be invited to sample the food and will leave the food demos feeling not just inspired but equipped with practical, achievable new food ideas.

What people say:

“Really enjoyed this session and it made me realise that healthy recipes can be extremely easy to make, not to mention delicious!”


“A huge thank you for the event. It was so well attended and went above my expectations. It certainly got people talking 😊 The facilitator was amazing, so knowledgeable and so lovely it was a pleasure to have her in our offices.”

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