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Unleash Your Brain Power

12 key factors to support cognitive performance.

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Do you want to know how to increase your brain power and improve your cognitive performance? Or how to help protect your brain against future decline?

Our Unleash your Brain Power webinar is packed with information to help you have a better understanding of how the brain works and to find a host of ways to improve cognitive performance.

Who it’s for:

This webinar is for anyone who wants to help support their brain to be at its full potential.

What it covers:

Do you ever wonder if your brain is working at its optimal capacity? What if there was a way to unlock hidden potential and enhance focus, memory, learning, decision-making and creativity?

Neuroscience is uncovering the extent to which our brain is ‘plastic’ or capable of constantly rewiring itself in response to our environment. How can we tap into what we know so far in order to unlock greater brain power and potential? This workshop looks at the key facts around cognitive performance and translates them into practical tips, techniques and habits.

  • A short quiz and some key brain facts
  • An introduction to neurotransmitters and brain signaling
  • An explanation of brain plasticity and how to influence it through lifestyle changes
  • The impact of 12 factors on the brain including stress, sleep, cognitive training, exercise and key foods, including a discussion on intermittent fasting
  • The importance of breathing techniques for brain support
  • A Neuro-Linguistic Programming exercise to help find calm whenever it’s needed
Unique benefits:

Participants will come away with a wealth of practical ideas to apply to build a better brain, unleash their brain power and support their cognitive performance both now and in the future.

This session shares tips and tricks to help grow new brain cells and improve memory and learning, as well as introducing techniques to find a little bit of calm for your brain every day.

What people say:

“Very interesting. Has helped me to try to stop multitasking & just focus on one thing at a time.”


“Very good. I enjoyed it; particularly about how different parts of the brain work and how they are affected.”

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