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Body Composition Testing

Build wellbeing engagement in the workplace with individual testing combined with nutritional and lifestyle advice.

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Body composition testing

Build wellbeing engagement with individual testing combined with nutritional and lifestyle advice.

For organisations looking to include highly engaging in-person initiatives into their wellbeing programme, body composition testing is a tried-and-tested way to create engagement and inspire healthy changes.

We recommend where possible including body composition testing at regular intervals to provide your employees with ongoing support and helpful accountability, whether once or twice a year or every 3 months.

How the sessions are run

Body composition tests can be carried out individually on a drop-in or appointment basis, or in the context of 30-minute private group sessions for up to 6 people. If you’re looking to encourage peer support and interaction, we recommend using this group format.

Interactive group sessions

Up to 6 x 30 minute sessions are included in a half-day booking – covering up to 36 participants – and up to 12 sessions in a full day – covering up to 72 participants.

In each half-hour session, the tests are carried out individually at the start. Each test takes less than a minute,  and is conducted confidentially, with the results provided to each person on a printout. Participants also receive a double-sided handout providing a detailed overview of the results and how to interpret them, with space for them to add their own results from the printout. Health statistics measured include:

  • Fat % and mass
  • Muscle % and mass
  • Weight and BMI (however our focus is much more on health factors than weight)
  • Visceral fat level
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Metabolic age
What is covered

Once the tests are complete, a qualified nutritionist will go through all the elements of the report with group, explaining in detail what they mean, how to interpret them in terms of health risk factors and most importantly, what steps can be taken in terms of nutrition and other habits to bring about improvements, and reductions in metabolic age.

We aim to take a down to earth, supportive approach, with a message very much focused on positive steps and small selected adjustments which will result in noticeable improvements in health and energy. Weight regulation tends to be one of the strong benefits as well, however weight in itself is not the key focus. Frequently our advice will involve replacing foods high in sugar (and often hidden sources of sugar) with foods which are more filling and nutritious, thereby reducing food cravings and improving energy levels and metabolic health.

The session leaves plenty of room for Q&A, specific discussions around food ideas and interaction among the group. Participants will also get to take away a range of handouts, including tips and recipes.

How the sessions are promoted

We’ll set up all of the promotional material for you, which can include, based on your requirements, an email invitation and printable posters. We will also set up a link to an online booking page allowing us to manage bookings in the run up to the event. For a first time visit, we recommend allowing some open sessions for employees to drop into if they decide to on the day, since they are finding out for the first time what to expect, and will often wish to attend after hearing feedback from colleagues.

What people say:

‘’Really useful session, detailed measurements and food for thought in terms of lifestyle choice motivation.’’


‘’Found it eye opening and has given me some personal goals to work on.’’


‘’Fantastic information: Really need a second follow up session.’’

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Body composition testing handout personalised results report
Body composition testing handout personalised results report

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