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Our Values

What drives the work we do?

We believe passionately in the role of prevention in workplace wellbeing and this mission has been underpinned by our strong values since SuperWellness was founded in 2011.



We can be relied on to go the extra mile and take pride in delivering the highest standards consistently


We live and breathe what we do and aim to share knowledge in a way that’s friendly, supportive and down-to-earth



A business run ethically, with a genuine aim to make a difference and benefit the wider community

SuperWellness Team
SuperWellness Team
SuperWellness Team
SuperWellness Team
Angela Steel founder

Angela Steel


Angela founded SuperWellness in 2011, with a strong purpose to make knowledge about prevention of ill-health accessible much more widely.

Her focus is on ensuring our values run through everything we do, to keep expanding our understanding of the world of work and continually develop our services to best meet the needs of our clients.

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Amanda Swann

Commercial Director

Amanda has extensive senior level experience from across corporate businesses, including creating a health-driven culture at insurance firm Vitality Health.

Amanda has contributed valuable strategic know-how into the ongoing development of our services for many years, before leading the company’s commercial growth strategy and team in her current role.

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John Hobbs

John Hobbs


From an engineering background in aviation, John is involved in many different aspects of the company, from client projects to technical improvements, to which he brings a procedures based, quality-centric approach.

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Frida Scholander

Frida Scholander

Operations Director

Hailing from the hospitality industry where she worked in operational, sales and client relations roles, Frida drives and maintains our standards of excellence.

Her experience and warmth contribute to ensuring we provide a first-class service, bringing workplace wellbeing to a wide range of sectors, both office and field-based.

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Rose Constantine-Smith

Hayley Whitmarsh

Key Account Manager

With more than ten years of experience as a weight loss coach, Hayley understands the value of wellbeing support in the workplace.

As our Key Account Manager, Hayley will work with you to build the framework to elevate your wellbeing programme to the next level.

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Rose Constantine-Smith

Julie Arnold

Business Development Manager

Jules brings over 18 years of expertise in customer relations, trades, and supplier management. She is dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations and ensuring that their wellbeing programme is tailored to meet their unique needs.

With a friendly personality and a commitment to service excellence, Jules thrives in connecting with people and building strong, positive relationships to support our clients’ health and wellbeing goals.

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Lucille Bleekers

Elliot Foster

Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Consultant

Elliot joined SuperWellness at the start of 2024, having supported organisations across Leicestershire think more strategically about workplace wellbeing in his previous role.

He is passionate about helping organisations make the most effective and sustainable business decisions to support the health and wellbeing of their staff, ensuring that there are no “tick-box” exercises, and making sure everything has impact. His career to date and MSc in Business Psychology allows him to look past individual interventions, and towards what makes a healthy working culture.

View Elliot’s LinkedIn profile.

Lucille Bleekers

Jessica Atkin

Psychology Programme Manager

Jess actively enhances employee wellbeing by developing and delivering Psychology and mental health topics, cultivating a supportive workplace. With a background in Psychology and Health Coach Training, she brings extensive expertise. Jess’s career has evolved from mental health and healthcare to workplace wellbeing, showcasing proficiency in teaching and project management.

Motivated by a deep commitment to wellbeing, she seamlessly integrates clinical expertise with a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Drawing from her experience with ADHD, Jess advocates for neurodiversity, working towards more inclusive working environments.

View Jess’ LinkedIn profile.

Rebecca Lai

Rebecca Lai

Project Manager

Rebecca is involved in driving exciting projects that promote business development and streamline operations, enhancing the client journey throughout their experience.

She plays a key role in the development of client dashboards and analysing data to optimise our services. Her attention to detail and focus on data analysis contribute to empowering our clients with valuable insights, aiding them in becoming more data-informed organisations.

View Rebecca’s LinkedIn profile.

Woman standing with a bright smile

Ellie Crane

SuperChamps Creative Manager

As the Creative Manager for SuperChamps, Ellie is committed to expanding and enhancing the SuperChamps programme while also crafting captivating social and marketing content to promote the message of SuperWellness.

During her free time, Ellie engages in various roles as a Personal Trainer, Dance Teacher, and Massage Therapist, demonstrating her passion and dedication to supporting clients in achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

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Rose Constantine-Smith

Carmie Evangelista

Project Coordinator

Carmie is active in many different aspects of SuperWellness. She brings a process-based, quality-focused approach, ensuring that all projects are executed on time.

Carmie is passionate about developing strong client relationships and making sure that every client project is finished to the greatest standard.

Lucille Bleekers

Ijyll Vasquez

Administrative Assistant

Ijyll is not only dedicated to delivering exceptional service but also brings an intuitive and process-driven approach to her role. Her commitment to anticipating client needs and solving problems goes hand in hand with her passion for keeping clients happy.

Her clear communication and positive attitude not only foster strong relationships but also cultivate trust with clients, making every interaction a seamless and satisfying experience.

Lucille Bleekers

Roselyn Martinez

Administrative Assistant

Selyn is one of the key individuals who will guide you at the onset of your SuperWellness journey. As a member of the client services team, she is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of quality are met to deliver exceptional experiences for all of your wellbeing events.

From eye-catching event promotions to thoughtfully designed handouts, Roselyn seamlessly integrates creativity with functionality that aligns with the excellence SuperWellness represents.

Julie Weston

Julie Weston

Senior Workplace Nutritionist

Julie is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and qualified Health Coach with many years of experience in workplace wellbeing.

View Julie’s LinkedIn profile.

Lucille Bleekers

Lucille Bleekers

Wellbeing Programme Lead

Having led our SuperWellness challenge programme for several years, Lucille contributes extensive experience in motivating and engaging participants on our longer-term lifestyle programmes, as well as facilitating a number of our webinars and in person wellbeing activities.

Lucille is a Registered Nutritional Therapist.

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A woman standing and holding a cup with a warm friendly smile

Katie Givens-Wilson

Content Manager

Katie brings over 20 years of marketing and management expertise to her role as Content Manager at SuperWellness. In recent years, she has also qualified as a Registered Nutritional Therapist, seamlessly blending her passion for writing with her dedication to health and wellbeing.

Katie manages and writes content for our popular monthly plan, weekly campaigns, and website and promotional copy, ensuring that SuperWellness content is both engaging and informative, promoting a healthier lifestyle for all.

View Katie’s LinkedIn profile.

Francesca Liparoti

Francesca Liparoti

Menopause & Women’s Health Specialist

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist with years of experience both in a clinical and corporate setting, Francesca leads our women’s health webinars and menopause awareness training.

With a previous career in corporate banking, Francesca brings considerable personal experience and a practical, down to earth approach to supporting both managers and team members.

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A woman standing and holding a cup with a warm friendly smile

Rachel Page

Project Development Coordinator

Rachel is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and ensures that all SuperWellness workshops and in-person events reflect the latest scientific research as well as being relevant to the real world. With a strong corporate background, Rachel also facilitates a range of online and in-person events in an engaging and practical way.

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