Wellbeing & productivity in a changing business landscape

Virtual panel discussion – 3rd November 2020

Wellbeing & productivity in a changing business landscape

The future of work is upon us. What can you expect, and how can you best prepare and support your staff?

For the past few years, we have been settling into a new era of work. We have seen a shift in employee priorities as the younger generation call for a bigger focus on work-life balance. Thanks to a rise in flexible and remote working models in recent years that has been accelerated by the pandemic, never has our reliance on technology been so pronounced.

Globally, businesses are successfully adapting their day-to-day working practices to suit this new format, but this new professional environment brings with it new challenges. How do you motivate a team that are all located in different places? How can you make your team feel supported and valued? How can you help support their mental and physical wellbeing during challenging periods?

In this virtual panel discussion, we brought together five experts in various areas of HR, employee wellbeing, and tech to discuss the ways in which work as we know it is changing, potential solutions to solve these challenges of the modern workplace environment, and ways to usher in a future of work that prioritises employee wellbeing.

Our panelists included:

Angela Steel – Founder & CEO of SuperWellness Ltd.

Katie King – Author, & CEO of AI in Business

Rut Stefansdottir – Head of HR at Charterhouse (Accountants) Ltd.

Rob Briner – Scientific Director of the Center for Evidence-Based Management & Professor of Organizational Psychology at Queen Mary University of London

Rory Morgan – Senior EMEA Tech Channel & Marketing Manager for Kensington Computer Products Group

If you missed the session, we invite you to catch up on the recording below:

Thanks to everyone who attended for all the great discussions at the end of the session and to our amazing panellists and our MC Katie King for a thought-provoking session.


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