How we structure our longer-term wellbeing programmes

Our workplace wellbeing programmes specialist Lucille Bleekers talks about how we structure our longer-term wellbeing programmes.


Hello, I hope you are all well and keeping yourself safe!

Thank you for listening to the 2nd of our series of videos on the programmes we offer here at SuperWellness.

Today I wanted to speak a little bit about what you as an organisation can gain from these programmes – we know ultimately the benefit is a healthy, more energised and engaged workforce but you might want to know how can we measure this? We start each programme off by asking participants to complete a health questionnaire using standardized Public Health England Health and Wellbeing questionnaires with additional diet related questions and again at the end of the programme. This then enables us to prepare an anonymised report for you to monitor the impact of the programme!

In a past programme which took place in the hospitality industry we saw a decrease in food cravings by 9% and digestion and energy improved by 5%.

When working with a travel company the pre-programme questionnaire identified that 56% of the participants were concerned about low energy and the final results indicated an average improvement in energy of 33%; whilst 23 % benefitted from an increase in concentration.

We did 3 challenges with a construction company; we travelled up to Glasgow, Barnsley and Wales and saw some great results. In Glasgow alone we saw stress resilience levels increased by 13%, mood improved by 12% and sleep by 30%.

So some really inspiring and measureable results!

We have plenty of case studies on our website which illustrate why organisations have signed up to  our programmes, whether it be to reduce absence figures, employee turnover or as part of your wellbeing strategy so head over and see how a nutrition and wellbeing programme may benefit your organisation.

I will be back next week but won’t be on my own – I will have Julie Weston with me who is our Head of Nutrition and Wellbeing and will talks about the key elements of diet and lifestyle covered in our programmes.

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