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The Super WFH Nutrition & Exercise Plan

5 steps to thriving in restricted conditions, from putting in place a structure and creating a healthy environment to meal planning and keeping positive.


5 steps to thriving when working remotely, from putting in place a structure and creating a healthy environment to meal planning

Who it’s for:

Employees working from home whether it’s full time or as part of a hybrid work arrangement

What it covers:

Working from home can play havoc with our eating habits and exercise routine, with knock on effects for sleep, mood and energy levels. Our 5 step plan is here to help you navigate the pitfalls and put in place habits which work for you whilst supporting mental and physical health.

  • Putting a structure in place (weekly, daily and tricks to keep focused)
  • Creating your healthy environment at home (getting rid of temptations, stocking up on alternatives you can enjoy and using ’nudging’ to make healthy habits easier)
  • Trying out new recipes (including Ideas for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner and things to make with kids)
  • Cultivating positive relationships and mental wellbeing
Key outcomes:
  • Regaining motivation and clarity on health goals
  • Bringing more structure to days working from home
  • Increased awareness of the importance of social wellbeing
What people say:

“I really found it beneficial at a point when I was starting to feel quite low about everything. It has motivated me to take a step in the right direction.”


“A great reminder of what I should be doing in amongst all the conflicting advice that is out there. I do believe controlling blood sugar levels will really help me and setting alarms as we speak to stretch out more and move from my desk!”


“The presenter knew the topic really well and backed up information with good references to the science behind it.”

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