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Creating an Effective Work-Life Balance

There is no such thing as perfect balance , but there are skills we can cultivate to create a more fulfilling life and prevent burnout.

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Developing lasting skills for a balanced life

Who it’s for:

Anyone looking to balance different priorities and areas in their life, whether they work remotely, hybrid or onsite. The context will be tailored to suit each organisation.

What it covers:

Most of us are balancing numerous priorities on a daily basis: work, family, social life, caring commitments, health and hopefully time for ourselves and to pursue personal interests. In reality, achieving an actual ‘balance’ can feel like an unrealistic dream. There is no such thing as perfect balance in real life, but there are skills and competencies we can cultivate to create a more fulfilling life that’s more conducive to positive wellbeing than to burnout.

In this thought-provoking interactive workshop, we aim to create space for reflection and discuss:

  • The 3 B’s to prevent burnout: Balance, Breaks, Boundaries
  • The wheel of life exercise – defining your priorities and assessing how much attention you currently give to different areas of your life, from work, family and friends to health and spiritual aspects. Are there areas that would benefit from changes being made?
  • Using effective breaks to recharge: key facts about different types of breaks and strategies to help maintain your focus
  • Practising a simple breathing exercise
  • Why self-care is the opposite of selfish
  • Practising a visualisation exercise: your new balanced life.


What people said:

“This session was extremely insightful, informative and not only gave scientific reasoning but also case studies and moments of mindfulness… was able to reflect and look at how easy it is to put into your day. Stop procrastinating and start doing, you are in control of you is the message I took away.”


“I feel really good when the session finishes… so many useful pieces of information to help bring order back into my life.”


‘’I found it informative, inspirational and was set out in a way that made it feel that the actions I may need to implement are not too daunting.’’

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