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Enquire by 8th May to benefit from this offer. Spaces are limited.

How it

Many of the workplace wellbeing leads we speak to grapple with the huge task of driving forward wellbeing in their organisation with limited resources. Some of the challenges they tell us about might resonate with you too.

  • Are you currently building your wellbeing provision or looking to take it to the next stage?
  • Are you finding that making a business case and securing resources for your wellbeing strategy can be a challenge?
  • Are you struggling with limited time as a sole wellbeing lead or part of a small team, faced with a remit that seems without limits?

We’ve designed our 12-month Workplace Wellbeing Springboard package to address these common challenges wellbeing leads are facing. Our aim is to provide you with the practical and relevant support you need to secure quick wins and progress your wellbeing strategy throughout the year.


What’s included?

  • 30-minute monthly sessions with our wellbeing strategist (or 1-hourly sessions bi-monthly)
  • Tailored ideas and recommendations you can implement straight away, whatever stage you’re at
  • 4 x content packs – choose your topics from the following options: The science of long-term healthy habits | Perfect lunch box | Menopause awareness at work | Benefits of walking | Kindness | Diabetes awareness | Digital detox | The power of nature | Healthy breakfasts | Work-life balance | Protein power | Seasonal affective disorder

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Do you have a particular wellbeing challenge you’d like to discuss? Are you looking to outline the next steps in your strategy? Benefit from expert input from our wellbeing strategist focusing on your objectives.

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